TZ_Bridge_07-10-09.jpgThe County of Rockland is actively involved in several aspects of the State project that is constructing a new Tappan Zee Bridge.  As members of the Selection Committee that recommended the winning proposal for the bridge design, the County Executive and Planning Commissioner were able to ensure that Rockland County residents and our region's travelers will obtain the best value option.  In addition, the County Executive and the Commissioner are members of the bridge project's Mass Transit Task Force, which is exploring ways to ensure that public transportation is incorporated into the final bridge project.  This includes when the bridge opens, with short-term solutions like dedicated access and travel lanes for the TAPPAN ZEExpress bus service, and in the future with Bus Rapid Transit and Commuter Rail.  The Department is also ensuring that the bridge will be aesthetically pleasing through its membership on the project's Visual Quality Panel.

View the County's comments from the bridge project's Environmental Review process for the Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing Project:

View the County's presentation to the Tappan Zee Bridge Mass Transit Task Force Meeting:
Rockland County Existing Conditions - February 22, 2013.

New_TZ_Bridge_Logo.pngThe bridge project website provides additional details and information: please visit