Task Force Conservation Initiatives

Final Rockland County Water Conservation Plan

Rockland County Water Task Force completed the County Conservation Plan (the "Plan") and presented it to the Task Force in a public meeting on February 19, 2020. Subsequently, it was presented to and accepted by the County Legislature on March 3, 2020, in resolution 97 of 2020. The resolution was later signed by the County Executive, acknowledging and accepting the county-wide Conservation Plan.
Rockland County Water Conservation Plan 2020

Current Drought Status: Water Use Restrictions are Lifted!

The Rockland County Commissioner of Health has issued a declaration that rescinds the Stage I Water Emergency effective September 22, 2016. For more information read our Press Release and Declaration.

The Task Force Was Created in June 2014 Through Collaboration of Legislature and County Executive.

The Rockland County Task Force on Water Resources Management (TF) was established in June 2014 by County Law and charged with the responsibility of developing a comprehensive water policy to ensure a safe, cost effective, long-term water supply for the County that incorporates sustainability, demand-side principles and conservation.

The Task Force on Water Resources Management and Rockland County Are Promotional Partners of the US EPA WaterSense Program since 2015.

At the recommendation of the Conservation Committee, the Task Force signed on as a WaterSense Partner in July 2015, and Rockland County followed suit in September 2015. The WaterSense Partnership is an important commitment and a resource to the Task Force for development of conservation-oriented water policies.

The Task Force commenced a campaign of outreach to encourage municipalities and other eligible entities to sign on as WaterSense Partners. The committee effort and education is ongoing with some municipalities having already committed to join the program.

In addition, on Task Force recommendation, the Environmental Committee of Rockland County Legislature, Chaired by Leg. Harriet D. Cornell, unanimously approved a resolution to amend the County Procurement Policy (Chapter 14-14.5 of the Laws of Rockland County) to indicate that County facilities shall require WaterSense labeled fixtures when available and not incompatible with existing infrastructure. The resolution was approved by the Legislature and the County Executive, becoming law on March 21, 2016.In February 2016, the Task Force submitted comments to the New York Department of State, Division of Building Standards and Codes, on the proposed upcoming building code changes (Request for Public Comment Notice of November 25, 2015 on Proposed Rulemaking to Adopt Updated Provisions for the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code). The Task Force recommended that NY State adopt the US EPA WaterSense plumbing efficiency standards which have been adopted in other jurisdictions, including New York City. On recommendation of the Task Force, Suez Water New York and Rockland County Health Department also submitted comment letters supporting WaterSense standards to be incorporated in NY State Code. The State responded by requesting further study with respect to pressure concerns. The Task Force will continue to promote high plumbing efficiency standards in local municipalities as well as at State level.

These are just a few examples of the ongoing Task Force efforts associated with our WaterSense Partnership. Visit our Resources page for notes on some of our other initiatives and for further information and water saving tips.