Planning Federation Spring Certification Courses begin April 25th!

The Rockland Municipal Planning Federation is pleased to announce the 2017 Spring Certification Courses to be held on April 25 (Session I - Overview of the Boards), May 3 (Session II - Update of Case Law), & May 15 (Session III - Working Group Discussions). All planning & zoning board of appeals members are required to attend all three courses once, & then attend Session II, Update of Case Law, every two years. For details, see the 2017 Spring Certification Courses flyer.

What is The Rockland Municipal Planning Federation?

The Rockland Municipal Planning Federation was officially created on March 30, 1989 at the First Annual Dinner meeting.  This culminated the efforts of several municipal leaders, along with the County Planning Department, to establish an organization that could help to disseminate information related to planning, zoning, and land use that is common to all.  As part of its creation, a Constitution and By-Laws were written, which guide its operation.

The Federation is comprised of Town or Village Board Members, Planning Board Members, and Zoning Board of Appeals Members from each municipality in Rockland County; the Rockland County Planning Board, and the Rockland County Department of Planning.  Municipal members include any member of the staff of a town and/or village designated by the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, or legislative body of the town, or village.  In addition, any individual interested in the purposes of the Federation may become Associate Members.  The Board of Directors, comprised of five officers, four director positions, and two associate director members, are elected at the Annual Dinner.

What is the Purpose of the Federation?

  • The Federation maintains a forum in the County of Rockland for the discussion of topics and common problems of land use planning and regulation, zoning and related problems of interest to the Federation and its members.
  • It creates an organization to provide the exchange of information, education, and training on planning and zoning methods and techniques.
  • It promotes communication, cooperation, and understanding among various constituencies affected by the land use and planning decisions of local governments.

The Rockland Municipal Planning Federation is comprised of:

Certification Program

The Program began in the fall of 1993 to provide educational opportunities to planning and zoning board of appeals members. Each board of appeals member is required to attend each course once to become certified.

Educational and Training Opportunities

These opportunities are provided to promote the exchange of information, education, and training on planning and zoning methods and techniques.  The Federation has been providing many training opportunities since its inception in 1989, on topics related to planning, zoning, and land use.

Federation Government

Federation Government was created to provide organization and structure. The Federation is comprised of a Board of Directors, which includes a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, four Directors, and two Associate Directors. The Federation has formed standing committees which can be served by either the General or Associate Members.

RMPF Press Releases

Press Releases provide information pertaining to the functions of the Federation.

Municipal Members

Members are comprised of 24 municipalities: five towns and nineteen villages. All are members of the Rockland Municipal Planning Federation. The municipalities usually have established set days to hold their meetings, and can be seen using the Municipal Meeting Dates Chart. Also provided is a Municipalities Towns & Villages Map

Rethinking our Streets: A Regional Partner's Perspective

The Rockland Municipal Planning Federation will hold an educational session on Thursday, April 13, 2017 as part of the "A Year of Transportation" program. The second event in the year-long series of presentations and workshops aimed at Rockland's transportation needs will focus on streets, which are a vital part of livable, attractive communities. For details, see the Rethinking our Streets Flyer.