When Does the Planning Board Meet?

The next Planning Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 6:30 pm.
In accordance with the provisions of the Governor's Executive Order 202.1, the meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Use the following link to join the meeting on 04/14/21 (To copy, right click and select "Copy Link")

The Board meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month. The Board does not usually meet in August or December. Please call the Rockland County Planning Department at (845) 364-3434 to confirm that a meeting will be held or obtain additional information.

Rockland County Planning Board

The Rockland County Planning Board advises the Commissioner of Planning, the County Executive and the County Legislature in matters relating to planning and shall have and exercise such other and related duties required by the them. In addition, the Board advises the Planning Commissioner in matters related to comprehensive metropolitan, regional, county and municipal planning.

Board Minutes:

What Is The Planning Board?

The board is comprised of a diverse group of county residents.  It includes engineers, architects, real estate developers, contractors, utility company employees, and retirees.  The Planning Board members serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner of Planning with regard to the reviews undertaken by the Department of Planning as required under New York State General Municipal Law (GML).  The specific GML Section 239-l, m and n actions subject to a review by the Planning Board include:

  • A zone change or a change of use on a site abutting a state or county road, or state or county park.
  • A use variance on a site abutting a state or county road, or state or county park.
  • A special permit application for a site abutting a state or county road, or state or county park.
  • Subdivisions creating ten or more lots, or of 25 or more acres, for parcels within 500 feet of or directly abutting a municipal boundary, state or county road, state or county park, or state or county facility other than a park.
  • Site plans for parcels abutting a state or county road, or state or county park, and for which a Full Environmental Assessment Form and/or Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been prepared.
  • Site plans for parcels abutting or within 500 feet of a county road for the development of non-residential buildings of more than 40,000 SF and residential projects on more than two acres or containing more than 20 units.

The Commissioner of Planning can also request that the Planning Board review other GML applications that may have an inter-municipal impact or an effect on county or state roads and facilities. Click on Planning Board By-Laws to obtain a copy.

How Was The Board Formed?
The Rockland County Planning Board, a Board of County Government, was established in 1929, and was reorganized, with the addition of technical staff, in 1952. On January 1st, 1986, a newly enacted County Charter and Code changed the responsibilities and membership of Planning. The Board is now composed of nine (9) members appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the Legislature, and two (2) ex-officio members, the Chairperson of the Parks Commission and the Environmental Management Council. At least one resident from each town shall be on the Planning Board. Members serve for a term of four (4) years [after the initial appointments, which include some for three (3) and two (2) years]. If a vacancy shall occur otherwise than by expiration of a term, it shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term by the County Executive.

Rockland County Planning Board Members:

David Kraushaar - Chairman (Clarkstown)
Brian McFarland - Vice Chair (Ramapo)

Barbara Palazzo - Secretary (Stony Point)

Neil Cosgrove - (Clarkstown)

Ronald Diz - (Haverstraw)

Bert Von Wurmb - (Orangetown)
Michael Parietti - (Ramapo)
Timothy D. Scott - (Ramapo)

Joseph T. Caruso P.E., P.P. - (Ramapo)


Ex-Officio Members:

Natalie Patasaw - Environmental Management Council


 Rockland County Department of Planning:

Douglas J. Schuetz - Commissioner of Planning (Acting)

Helen Kenny Burrows - Principal Planner


Rockland County Department of Law:

Venita Whidbee-Jordan - Principal Assistant County Attorney

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