Plan Documents

Hard copies of the County's Plan, "Rockland Tomorrow: Rockland County Comprehensive Plan," are available for purchase.

  • Computer disks (CDs) can be purchased for $3
  • The bound books cost $25
  • Copies of the Executive Summary are $5

If you are interested in purchasing any of these documents, please send a check, made out to the "Commissioner of Finance" to the Rockland County Planning Department. Cash is also accepted in person at the Planning Department, Building T, Pomona, but no credit cards.

Rockland County Comprehensive Plan (45mb) was created to serve as the basis for all County government planning and development issues and provide guidance for future planning and zoning actions by towns and villages.

Executive Summary (March 1, 2011) provides highlights of the Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan Master Schedule is a timeline chart showing the vision, goals, and objectives during the planning process.