Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we Plan?

The purpose of planning is to ensure that Rockland County's excellent quality of life will continue. Through the planning process, the public helps to shape our future land use and open space patterns. A well-planned community provides an assortment of vibrant neighborhoods, as well as the transportation networks, public facilities, and parks that make a great place.

When was the Comprehensive Plan completed?

Rockland Tomorrow: Rockland County Comprehensive Plan was completed and adopted on March 1, 2011 in front of the County Legislature. For further information visit the Comprehensive Plan page.

Who participated in the plan process?

The Comprehensive Plan was an inclusive process that involved input from stakeholders, including the general public, the County Executive, the County Legislature, elected officials, municipal officials, and the Rockland County Planning Department.

How did the public participate in the plan process?

Public meetings were held throughout the process. Detailed information about the workshops and public hearings can be found on the Public Involvement page. Along with the many workshops devoted to the Comprehensive Plan, a master schedule was also created to show the numerous opportunities for public participation. The Master Schedule can be found on the Comprehensive Plan page.

Were the potential environmental impacts of adopting the Comprehensive Plan considered and evaluated as required under the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act?

Part 617 of the implementing regulations pertaining to Article 8 of the State Environmental Quality Review Act of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law, requires that comprehensive plans follow a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process before they are adopted. On April 20, 2010, the Rockland County Legislature declared itself Lead Agency for the Rockland County Comprehensive Plan SEQR, and determined that a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) would be produced. The Legislature determined that the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan was a Type I Action and issued a Positive Declaration for the project. A Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS)was prepared for the Plan. The DGEIS for the Draft Comprehensive Plan provided the County, the public and other agencies with an understanding of the type of potential environmental impacts that may be associated with the adoption of the Rockland County Comprehensive Plan.