Rockland County Capital Project Budget

According to the Rockland County Charter, it is the responsibility of the Planning Department through its Commissioner, in cooperation with the Rockland County Capital Projects Committee, to develop an annual capital program for Rockland County.

The following is an excerpt from the Rockland County Charter describing the process undertaken to prepare the Capital Program:

§ 5-39. Preparation of proposed capital program.

A) To consider the necessity, priority, feasibility, location, cost and method of financing of all existing and proposed capital projects and to assist in the consideration of a capital program, there shall be a Capital Projects Committee consisting of the County Executive as Chairperson, the Chairperson of the Legislature, the Superintendent of Highways, the Commissioner of Finance, the Commissioner of Planning and such other persons as the County Executive may designate. The County Executive shall be responsible for the capital program as submitted to the County Legislature.

B) The Commissioner of Planning shall review the existing and proposed capital projects submitted by the administrative heads. His review shall include consideration of comprehensive plans for the County and for any affected municipality therein. On or before March 15, the Commissioner shall forward his or her comments and recommendations regarding each capital project to the County Executive. The County Executive shall submit these comments and recommendations, together with his or her own comments and recommendations, to the Capital Projects Committee on or before April 1. The Committee shall consider all capital projects and shall thereafter submit its recommendation to the County Executive in the manner hereinafter prescribed.

C) Proposed capital program. On or before June 1, the Capital Projects Committee shall prepare and submit to the County Executive a proposed capital budget for the ensuing fiscal year and a proposed capital program for the next six fiscal years, for both existing and newly proposed capital projects. They shall be arranged in such manner as to indicate the order of priority of each project and to state for each existing and newly proposed project:

  1. A description of the project and the estimated total cost thereof.
  2. The proposed method of financing, indicating the amount proposed to be financed by direct budgetary appropriation; the amount, if any, estimated to be received from the federal and/or state governments; and the amount to be financed by the issuance of obligations, showing the proposed type or types of obligations, together with the period of probable usefulness for which they are proposed to be issued.
  3. An estimate of the financial impact, if any, upon the operating budget of the County for each of the next three fiscal years.
  4. Any decreases in existing projects.
  5. The recommendation for the closing of completed projects.

For further information regarding the Capital Program, please contact Adam Carsen at (845) 364-3474 or .