The Department of Personnel is a multifaceted agency that specializes in several areas.

There are four units:



The Examinations unit is responsible for the entire process pertaining to the administration of Civil Service examinations, the administration and maintenance of all eligible lists derived from Civil Service examinations, and the evaluation of applications for Civil Service examinations and for positions within County Government and Municipalities.

County Operations


The County Operations division administers New York State Civil Service Law and the Rockland County Civil Service Rules and Appendices, especially as they apply to classification matters and civil service transactions, for all departments, offices, and agencies of the County of Rockland.

In addition, County Operations oversees the application of the provisions of 9 labor agreements, including tuition reimbursement programs, and develops policies and procedures and provides guidance regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act, Security Guard Law, the New York State Retirement System, and New York State Unemployment Insurance.  County Operations also develops and conducts special studies and projects (e.g., pay equity/job evaluation studies and the County's telecommuting policy) in order to support and promote the success of the County's workforce.

Local Municipal Services


In addition to the departments in Rockland County Government and Rockland Community College, the Department of Personnel is the main point of contact for 49 municipalities.

Employment opportunities are made directly through the respective municipality. This department administers the Civil Service exams as well as assists the municipalities with their personnel issues and ensures that all appointments to positions in the classified service are made in accordance with Civil Service laws and rules.

Office of Employee Rights and Relations

The Office of Employee Rights and Relations administers the County's Equal Employment Opportunity Executive Order and trains County employees in discrimination and harassment prevention.