Department of Personnel

50 Sanatorium Rd., Bldg A, Pomona, NY 10970 • P: 845-364-3737 • F: 845-364-3738 • H: M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm


Out of the abundance of caution and in line with the Governor’s and County Executives Offices’ directives regarding public safety, we have decided to limit the face to face interaction in the Personnel Office until further notice. All our essential functions will continue via email or mail. For those wishing to drop off material at the office we strongly encourage you to send it by mail. All transactions or inquiries can be addressed via access to the website or phone (845) 364-3737. Please apply for upcoming civil service exams online or by mail. We will not be accepting applications in person.


September 26th, 2020 Postponed Examinations:

  • Police Officer/Patrol Officer (OC) #65-421
  • Police Officer/Patrol Officer (French/Creole Speaking) (OC) #64-333
  • Police Officer/Patrol Officer (Spanish Speaking) (OC) #64-482
  • Police Officer/Patrol Officer (Yiddish Speaking) (OC) #64-319

June 13th, 2020 Postponed Examinations:

  • Architect (OC) #68113
  • Assistant Building Inspector (OC) #68473
  • Director of Fiscal Operations (OC) #69048
  • Eligibility Specialist (Prom) #75411
  • Fair Hearing Specialist (Prom) #77761
  • Family Resource Center Coordinator I (Spanish Speaking) (OC) #60625
  • Litigation Clerk (OC) #69017
  • Para-Legal Specialist I (Criminal Law) (OC) #66293
  • Para-Legal Specialist II (Municipal Law) (OC) #69482
  • Real Property Valuation Assistant (OC) #60433
  • Litigation Clerk (NCP) #75488

June 27th, 2020 Postponed Examinations:
  • Assistant Director of School Transportation II (OC) #65-086
  • Assistant Director of School Transportation II (Prom) #74-749
  • Director of Engineering and Facilities Management (Prom) #72-615
  • Environmental Control Supervisor (Survey & Design) (Prom) #72-533
  • Engineer I (OC) #63-503
  • Engineer I (Prom) #75-205
  • Engineer III (OC) #63-495
  • Engineer III (Prom) #75-199
  • Engineer IV (OC) #63-471
  • Engineer IV (Prom) #75-188
  • School Bus Route Inspector (OC) #64-853
  • Senior Social Welfare Examiner (Prom) #73-428
  • Social Welfare Examiner (OC) #66-275
  • Social Welfare Examiner (Prom) #75-252
  • Social Welfare Examiner (Spanish Speaking) (OC) #65-419
  • Social Welfare Examiner (Spanish Speaking) (Prom) #74-298

Previously Postponed Exams:

  • Assessing Clerk II (Prom) #70-581
  • Communications Control Clerk (OC) #60-032A
  • Computer Network Administrator (OC) #66-575
  • Computer Network Administrator (Prom) #73-754
  • Director of Automated Systems (OC) #68-977
  • Director of ITS (OC) #63-877
  • GIS Assistant (OC) #61-733
  • Library Clerk I (Prom) #75-045
  • Network Administrator II (OC) #64-594
  • Principal Clerk (OC) #65-082
  • Principal Clerk (Prom) #76-049
  • Principal Clerk Stenographer (OC) #65-193
  • Principal Clerk Stenographer (Prom) #73-860
  • Principal Clerk Typist (Prom) #74-216
  • Principal Medical Clerk (Prom) #75-724
  • Security Administrator II (OC) #64-596
  • Senior Tax Clerk (OC) #61-488
  • Special Projects Assistant (Prom) #74-341
  • Police Chief (Type B Dept) (Town of Stony Point) (Prom) #73117
  • Police Chief (Type C Dept) (Town of Clarkstown) (Prom) #72938
  • Police Chief (Type A Dept) (Village of Piermont) (Prom) #75-049
  • Assistant Director, Facilities Management (Prom) #74587
  • Correction Lieutenant (Prom) #74635
  • Personnel Technician (NCP) #74480
  • Personnel and Employee Relations Assistant (OC) #62494
  • Custodian II (Prom) #75866
  • Custodian III (Prom) #75059

The Department of Personnel is charged with administering Civil Service Law in Rockland County.  It is headed by the Commissioner of Personnel, who has the authority to adopt rules governing both County government employees and employees of local municipal agencies, such as towns, villages, libraries, school districts, etc. See list of Local Municipal Agencies/Jurisdictions.

In administering Civil Service Law for the County and local government entities within the County, the Department of Personnel conducts Civil Service examinations for competitive titles, establishes and maintains eligible lists for filling positions, classifies positions and develops job specifications, interprets Civil Service Law and Rules as well as other laws bearing upon employment, promotion, discipline and discharge, and maintains employment records of classified Civil Service employees.

"We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about employment in Civil Service and to search for a variety of employment opportunities available to you within Rockland County."

 Lori Gruebel

The Rockland County Department of Personnel is the central Personnel Agency of County government. 

It is headed by the Commissioner of Personnel who has the authority to adopt rules governing various civil service matters relating to employees of the Municipal Governments of Rockland County. Among its functions are:

  • analyzing and classifying positions
  • establishing minimum qualifications for positions
  • holding examinations
  • reviewing qualifications of all appointees to civil service positions
  • advising individual employees of their rights
  • benefits and responsibilities under the law and the several labor agreements
  • assisting in negotiating labor contracts with county employee organizations

It also provides the public with information and guidance concerning career opportunities in the county service.

We develop and oversee policies and procedures in order to ensure compliance with a variety of laws pertaining to the personnel function (e.g., Family and Medical Leave Act, Security Guard Law, etc).

In addition, the Department of Personnel provides basic guidance on retirement matters and administers Early Retirement Incentives, develops and administers special projects (e.g., Pay Equity Study, Alternative Work Arrangements) and provides guidance with respect to a variety of personnel-related functions (e.g., development of performance appraisal tools).

Please see our cancellations page for up to date information on meeting, event, class and exam cancellations and/or postponements.