County of Rockland - Departments of Health, Hospitals and Mental Health - Corporate Compliance Program

The County of Rockland and its Departments of  Health, Hospitals, and Mental Health ("County of Rockland") are proud of their long tradition of ethical and responsible conduct.  The County of Rockland is committed to conducting its business lawfully and ethically.  Any person who represents the County of Rockland in any capacity, such as members of the Board of Health, Board of Governors, or Community Services Board, an officer of the County of Rockland, a member of the Medical Staff, a consultant, or an employee is expected to adhere this high standard whenever he or she acts on behalf of the County of Rockland, whether dealing with other employees, patients and their families, vendors, government regulators, or the general public.  Violations of legal or ethical requirements jeopardize the welfare of the County of Rockland, its employees and patients, and the community it serves.

The Corporate Compliance Program is intended to define the conduct expected of employees and any person who represents the County of Rockland in any capacity, to provide guidance on how to resolve questions regarding legal or ethical issues, and to establish a mechanism for the reporting of possible violations of law or ethical principals. 

Corporate Compliance Executive Order

  • Exhibit A - Annual Compliance Questionnaire
  • Exhibit B - Annual Certificate of Compliance
  • Exhibit D - Annual Confidentiality Statement 

Notice of Privacy Practices

We at the County of Rockland understand that the health information we collect about patients is personal. Keeping patients' health information confidential and secure is one of our most important responsibilities.

We keep records of the care and services patients receive at our facilities. We need these records to provide patients with quality care and to comply with certain legal requirements. We are committed to protecting patients' health information and to following all applicable State and Federal laws regarding the protection of patients' health information.

The Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we may use and disclose patients' Protected Health Information ("PHI") to carry out treatment, payment or health care operations and for other purposes that are permitted or required by law. It also describes patients' rights to access and control their PHI. 

County of Rockland - Notice of Privacy Practices - Effective 09-22-14

Breach Notification Policy and Procedure

The County of Rockland is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of Protected Health Information ("PHI") and computerized data, including personal and private information such as Social Security numbers or financial information, in accordance with applicable State and Federal privacy rules and regulations.  As such, the Departments seek to preserve the confidentiality of all aspects of individuals' medical records and comply with these rules and regulations, and staff are required to follow established procedures for the handling and transmission of individual information.

The Departments are further committed, should a breach of unsecured PHI or personal or private information be identified, to notify the affected individuals and certain Federal and State agencies of the breach, to investigate the breach, to mitigate harm and to protect the affected individuals from further breaches. 

County of Rockland - Breach Notification Policy - Effective 09-22-14

If you have any questions about the Compliance Program, the Notice of Privacy Practices or the Breach Notification Policy or if you would like to confidentially report a possible legal or ethical violation, please contact the County Compliance/Privacy Hotline at (845) 364-3700.