Solicitation for Legal Services

From time to time the County Attorney seeks the assistance of outside counsel to represent the County in certain matters.

The procurement of counsel is accomplished in accordance with the Laws of Rockland County, Procurement Policy, § 140-3.4, which states that firms seeking to represent the County should provide the following,

Statement of qualifications. Persons engaged in providing the designated types of professional services may submit statements of qualifications or expressions of interest in providing such professional services. . . . Persons may amend these statements at any time by filing a new statement.

In addition to any materials you may wish to provide, you must provide:

  • The names of lead counsel who will be responsible for the matter;
  • The experience of those counsel, and any other counsel in the relevant fields;
  • The rates for counsel and other staff;
  • A best estimate of budget for the matter to the end of the current calendar year, and through the close of pre-trial proceedings (the County Attorney recognizes the difficulty of predicting the course of proceedings in any legal matter, but is required to establish a budget for the use of outside counsel, even if that budget is required to change in the future due to circumstances beyond our control).

The following is a list of matters for which the County has sought representation:
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Name of Case Nature of Case Last Day for Solicitation

Debt Collection Services Debt Collection Services for the County of Rockland Tuesday, May 26, 2020