New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Public Officer's Law, Article 6

The Freedom of Information Law provides the public with the right to access certain government records.

The New York State Legislature clearly noted the purpose of FOIL:

The legislature hereby finds that a free society is maintained when government is responsive and responsible to the public, and when the public is aware of governmental actions. The more open a government is with its citizenry, the greater the understanding and participation of the public in government. (New York State Public Officers Law §84)

The People's right to know the process of government decision-making and the documents and statistics leading to determinations is basic to our society. Access to such information should not be thwarted by shrouding it with the cloak of secrecy or confidentiality. (Laws of Rockland County, Chapter 329-1)

Online Requests

Rockland County wishes to assist the general public in making online FOIL requests. If you wish to make an online FOIL request for documents, go to our Online FOIL Request Form which you can fill out and submit online. This form will direct your FOIL request to the appropriate County Department or Agency. The County of Rockland  has a separate Records Access Officer for each Department or Agency.  As such you must direct your request to the Department or Agency in possession of the records you seek. Your request will be processed from the date it is received.

Online FOIL Request Form

In order for your online request to be processed, you must provide the following required information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Valid email address
  • Detailed description of records requested

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the Online Request Form, please contact the specific Department , Board or Commission for which you are seeking to obtain records.

Request by Mail or in Person

If you wish to submit a FOIL request either by mail or in person, please fill out the Mail-In FOIL Request Form and mail or submit it to the Department or Agency, from which you are seeking to obtain records.

icon-form32a.pngMail-In FOIL Request Form

Please Note:

There is no County-wide Records Access Officer. You must specify the County Department or Agency from which you are seeking records in your request.

FOIL provides for the production of documents, not information.  Please describe the documents that you request (i.e.,. reports, correspondence, etc.)  Requests for information only are not subject to disclosure under FOIL.

If your Email address is incorrect your submission cannot be processed.


When requesting records, please:

  • Include as much detail about the record as possible, such as relevant dates, names, descriptions, etc.
  • Make sure that your request is not too broad.
  • Make sure to reasonably describe the records.

If for any reason any portion of your request is denied, you will be informed of the reasons for the denial in writing and provided the name, address and email address of the person or body to whom an appeal should be directed.

If you wish to submit an electronic appeal, you may click on the appropriate FOIL email below: