Department Mission

To courteously, efficiently, and effectively provide the best risk management and benefits services to the County of Rockland and its employees.


All matters relating to insurance and management of municipal risk including: 

  • Liability
  • Property
  • Workers' compensation


Rockland County is self-insured for general liability, automotive liability and malpractice. Claims of liability are responded to under a self-funded liability plan established and maintained pursuant to Section 6-n of the General Municipal Law. The Insurance Dept. is responsible for investigating and negotiating settlement of claims made against the County using the services of a Third Party Administrator. The Insurance Dept. procures insurance coverage in those areas in which the County is not self-insured.


The Insurance Department procures property insurance for county owned and leased properties as needed.

Workers' Compensation

County of Rockland employees can access forms on the Rockland County Intranet (rcweb). 

Non-County employees can call the New York State Workers' Compensation Board at (877) 632-4996 or log on to their website at NYS Workers' Compensation Board.