The Traffic Safety Division monitors traffic and accident patterns and provides for uniform implementation of traffic control devices, in conformance with the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, on the County Road System.  This includes responsibility for:

  • Placing electronic traffic counters at 240 locations to obtain traffic volumes and monitor traffic patterns on the County Road System.
  • Planning, designing and installing uniform traffic control devices (traffic signs, line and zone striping, etc.) on the County Road System.
  • Investigating complaints from the public concerning needs for, or placement of, traffic signs, pavement delineations and other traffic safety devices on the County Road System.
  • Maintaining and/or developing electronic databases of traffic volumes, traffic control devices (i.e., signs, etc.), and accident records for the County Road System.
  • Coordinating traffic monitoring activities and participating in federally sponsored traffic planning studies with the County Planning Department, New York State Department of Transportation and New York Metropolitan Transportation Council.

Traffic Safety Division consists of a Traffic Engineering Technician working under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer.  If you have any general questions for the Traffic Safety Division, please contact Robert Volpe, Traffic Engineering Technician at 845-638-5054.


Statewide traffic count information(AADT) published by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) can be viewed at the following link GIS web application. 

Traffic Data Viewer by NYSDOT