The Highway Department's Permits Division consists of two Permit Technicians working under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer. Permit applications are processed by a Permit Technician, reviewed by the Engineer and forwarded to the Superintendent of Highways for approval.

For more information or permit applications, contact Scott Wheatly, Permit Technician, at 845-638-5061 or Joseph Arena, Permit Technician, at 845-638-5036.  Fees for permits, where applicable, must be remitted to the Superintendent of Highways before permits will be issued.

Permits Are Required For The Following Activities

  • Installing ANY utilities or other excavations within a County Road Right-of-Way.
  • Construction of or additions to Residential Structures with Frontage on County Highway even if there is no direct access to a County Highway.
  • Constructing an approach or access connection, such as a driveway, street, or temporary entrance, to the County Road system.
  • Construction on property adjacent to a County Road Right-of-Way, such as excavating for new structures, drainage, roof drain connection, landscaping projects, fences, driveway repairs, curbing, sidewalks and connections to catch basins.
  • Moving overweight and oversized loads over County roads, Sub-division or other street connections.
  • Special activities impacting County Roadways, such as road closings, parades, banners, etc.
  • ANY other proposed work, not outlined above, to take place within or adjacent to the County Right-of-Way.

Download Permit Application Form for work on property adjacent to a County Road Right-of-Way (pdf file, 124kb)

Download Permit Application Form for Utility Companies digging in road (pdf, 1.5MB )

Downlaod Permit Application Form for Private Contractors digging in road (pdf, 1.3MB)

Download Permit Application Form for Hauling Over County Roads (pdf, 894kb)

Download Permit Application Form to Close a County Road (pdf, 6kb)

Documents below may be helpful to use as guidelines in filing your permit.

Rules and Regulations (PDF files)   Specifications (JPG files)
General Guidelines   Driveway Opening
Standard Specifications for the control of work within the County Road Right-of-Way   Road Opening
Why Permit Required For Construction   Pavement Widening
Drainage Fees   Paved Shoulder
Purpose of the Permit   Handicapped Access
General Conditions   Temporary Access
Permit Procedures    
Driveways Rules    
Highway Drainage Rules    
Sign Requirements    
Banner Requirements    
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