The Highway Department maintains a large inventory of maps. We plan to make this material available for use by other government bodies and the public.
1987 Countywide digital photogrammetric maps are available in AutoCAD format or hard copy.  These maps were generated from aerial photographs made in 1987. Horizontal control is in NAD 27 and vertical control is in 1929 NGVD mean sea level. 

Highway monument maps have been scanned in JPEG File Format. They are available on-line to the public to download at no cost through Rockland County GIS Portal website. Link to the monument map site is provided below.
We will post notices when other maps in our inventory become available.

1987 Photogrammetric Maps Index (861kb pdf, Free) Click on the link to the left to download 1987 Photogrammetric Map Index for all five towns in Rockland County.

1987 Photogrammetric Map Order Request (pdf) Click on the link to the left to download map order form for 1987 Photogrammetric Map in AutoCAD format or hard copy.

Monument Maps filed and maintained at Rockland County Highway Department (pdf file) Link to download Monument Maps from Rockland County in pdf.

Legislative District and Highway Information Link to County Roads within individual Legislative Districts.



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