The Maintainance and Construction Division maintains approximately 340 lane miles of county roads in a travel safe condition. This includes responsibility for:

  • Removing snow and ice from the County Road System to achieve snow and ice free roads (i.e., "black pavement" policy).
  • Maintaining and repairing pavement and shoulders on county roads including pothole repair, crack sealing, micro paving and hot and cold blacktop.
  • Maintaining and repairing county bridges and culverts.
  • Maintaining and/or constructing drainage systems and drainage structures on the County Road System.
  • Maintaining guide railing, and replacing substandard and/or deteriorated guide railing, on the County Road System.
  • Maintaining and installing traffic control and delineation devices (signs, line and zone striping, etc.) on the County Road System.
  • Maintaining and repairing the Highway Department's fleet of vehicles and construction equipment.
  • Storing 4,700± tons of salt in Stony Point and Pomona for snow and ice removal.
  • Removing trees from the county's right-of-way that are dead, dying, weakened or impeding sight distances on a county road.
  • Maintaining and/or landscaping vegetated areas within the county's right-of-way.
  • Litter and debris cleanup within the county's right-of-way.

Some reminders for our customers, the traveling public:

  • Give snowplows enough room to work and stay far enough behind the plow so the operator can see your vehicle in one of the rear view mirrors on his vehicle.
  • Do not push snow from your property onto a road. This could create a hazard and you could be held liable if the snow you pushed onto a road causes an accident.

Download a copy of County Highway Department Plowing and Salting Routes Map (1MB pdf)

Download a copy of County Highway Snow and Ice removal Policy (4.7MB pdf)

Download a copy of County Highway Environmental Policy for Salt Storage (120KB pdf)


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