Limits of Project : Palisades Parkway southbound ramp (exit 11) to North Main Street (Approx. 2 miles)

Click here to view a 3 minute video of the installation of the 42' Span Precast Concrete Arched Bridge, New Hempstead Road Improvement (County Route 80), New City, NY.

Project Goals/Description:  

To replace obsolete and deteriorated infrastructure including pavement, drainage and several large culverts, to improve safety and mobility for motorists and pedestrians by constructing turning lanes and sidewalk/safety shoulders and to improve the road corridor appearance with streetscape improvements including paving stone walks, granite curbing, ornamental street lamps, stone-faced retaining walls and landscaping.    

Between Main Street and Little Tor Road, New Hempstead Road will be reconstructed to provide sidewalks (including a new sidewalk connection to Little Tor Road), streetlamps and street trees.  The design of sidewalks, street lamps and plantings have been coordinated to match the features used by the Town of Clarkstown on South Main Street.  Also, the severely deteriorated and flood prone culvert carrying the Demarest Kill under New Hempstead Road will be replaced with a new stone faced concrete arch bridge and the New Hempstead Road / Little Tor Road Intersection will be expanded to provide additional turning lanes.  Between Little Tor Road and the Parkway five-foot wide safety shoulders will be added to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists.  The pavement structure and most existing drainage facilities will be replaced between North Main Street and the Parkway.  

If you wish to find out more information about the project, please contact the project engineer Joseph Pyzowski P.E. He can be reached by phone at 845-638-5060 or email at
Construction Schedule (pdf):

Week of 10/01/12 to 10/08/12


Week of 09/17/12 to 09/24/12

Week of 09/03/12 to 09/10/12


Week of 08/13/12 to 08/20/12

Week of 08/06/12 to 08/13/12


Week of 07/16/12 to 07/23/12

Week of 06/25/12 to 07/02/12


Week of 06/11/12 to 06/18/12

Week of 05/28/12 to 06/04/12


Week of 05/14/12 to 05/21/12

Week of 04/30/12 to 05/07/12


Week of 04/16/12 to 04/23/12

Week of 04/02/12 to 04/09/12


Week of 03/19/12 to 03/26/12

Week of 03/05/12 to 03/12/12


Week of 02/20/12 to 02/27/12

Week of 02/06/12 to 02/13/12


Week of 01/23/12 to 01/30/12

Week of 01/09/12 to 01/16/12


Week of 12/19/11 to 12/26/11

Week of 12/05/11 to 12/12/11


Week of 11/28/11 to 12/02/11

Week of 11/14/11 to 11/21/11


Week of 10/24/11 to 10/31/11

Week of 10/10/11 to 10/17/11


Week of 09/26/11 to 10/03/11

Week of 09/12/11 to 09/19/11


Week of 08/15/11 to 08/22/11

Weeks of 07/11/11, 07/18/11 and 07/25/11


Week of 06/27/11 to 07/04/11

Week of 06/13/11 to 06/20/11


Week of 05/30/11 to 06/16/11

Project Timeline:

The project will begin in May 2011 and take approximately twenty-eight (28) months to complete.  The first major item of work will be the replacement of the Demarest Kill culvert with the new arch bridge.  To accomplish this New Hempstead Road will be closed between the County Office Building exit driveway and North Main Street.  Traffic will be detoured, on a temporary roadway, through the parking area adjacent to the Chase Bank; a temporary traffic signal will be deployed on North Main Street.  This work will be completed by the end of September.  At the same time, it is anticipated that the Little Tor Road intersection will be reconstructed. 

Subsequently, the portion of New Hempstead Road between North Main Street and Little Tor Road will be rebuilt including realignment and lowering of the curve adjacent to the Old County Clerk's Building, which will be removed.  This work should occur later this year and in early 2012. 

The remaining work west of Little Tor Road should occur in 2012 and be completed in 2013.  The only exception is replacement of three major culvert crossings west of Little Tor Road and on Little Tor Road south of New Hempstead Road, which will be done this year or early next.

Project Teams:

Rockland County Highway Department
Charles H. Vezzetti, Superintendent of Highways
Andrew Connors, P.E., Construction Manager
Joseph Pyzowski, P.E., Project Engineer 

Resident Engineer
Hudson Valley Engineering Associates 

General Contractor
Montesano Brothers Inc.
New Rochelle, NY

Project General Plan Online:

PIP to West Clarkstown Road

West Clarkstown Road to Lynhaven Drive

Lynhaven Drive to Little Tor Road

Little Tor Road to Eberling Drive

Eberling Drive to North Main Street