RCHD_Logo.png2022 Paving Program 

The traveling public will experience some minor delays while this important roadwork is done. Please remember to drive slowly and cautiously on freshly treated roads and pay attention to the traffic control personnel in and around work zone areas. Your safety and ours depend on this process. It is our mission to provide you with the finest and most economical job as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Charles H. Vezzetti
Superintendent of Highways


Town Route# Street
Clarkstown  27 Germonds Rd (Bardonia Rd to Strawtown Rd)
Clarkstown  35 Pascack Rd (Bridge near Scotland Hill Rd to Old Nyack Turnpike)
Clarkstown 52 Old Nyack Turnpike (Pascack Rd to New Highway Site Gate)
Clarkstown 33 Little Tor Rd (Burda Lane to Collyer Ave.
Ramapo  41 Red Schoolhouse Rd (Summit Rd to NJ Border)
Ramapo   Scotland Hill Rd (North End of the Bridge to Old Nyack Turnpike)
Orangetown 30 Central Ave (Rte 304 to Middletown Rd)
Orangetown 33 Middletown Rd (Central Ave to Brightwood Ave)
Orangetown 23 Sickletown Rd (115 Sickletown Rd to First cross street after tunnel)


Town Route# Street
Ramapo 52 & 37 Old Nyack Turnpike/S Central Ave (Rte 45 to Pipetown HIll Rd)
Ramapo 73 Saddle River Rd (Milrose Lane to Rte 59
Orangetown 8 Washington St (Slocum Ave to Dederer St)
Orangetown 23 Sickletown Rd (First Cross Street after tunnel to Townline Rd)
Stony Point  98 Filors Lane (Hammond Rd to Central Hwy)
Haverstraw  94 Suffern Lane (Donaldson Lane to Central Hwy


Town Route# Street
Clarkstown 23 Strawtown Rd (McCarty Way to Westerly Dr)
Stony Point 47 Reservoir Rd (Central Dr to W. Main St)
Ramapo 81 S. Monsey Rd (Saddle River Rd to Christmas Hill Rd)
Ramapo 49 Fireman's Memorial Dr (Pomona Rd to End)