RCHD_Logo.png2017 Paving Program 

The traveling public will experience some minor delays while this important roadwork is done. Please remember to drive slowly and cautiously on freshly treated roads and pay attention to the traffic control personnel in and around work zone areas. Your safety and ours depend on this process. It is our mission to provide you with the finest and most economical job as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Charles H. Vezzetti
Superintendent of Highways


Town Route# Street
Clarkstown  35C Perlman Drive (Pascack Rd to New Clarkstown Rd)
Clarkstown  33 Little Tor Rd (New Hempstead Rd to Woodland Road)
Clarkstown  33 Central Highway (South Mountain Rd to Town Border)
Haverstraw  33 Central Highway (Town Border to Rte 202)
Haverstraw  94 Railroad Avenue (Rte 9W to Samsondale Ave)
Orangetown  15 / 8 Main Street Tappan (NJ Border to Old Tappan Rd/Washington St)
Ramapo  74 Viola Road (Forshay Rd to Concord Dr)
Ramapo  81 Wilder Rd (Lime Kiln to Rte 202)


Town Route# Street
Ramapo  35 Pascack Road (629 Pascack Rd to 521 Pascack Rd)
Ramapo  52 Old Nyack Turnpike (Saddle River Rd to Hungry Hollow Rd)
Ramapo  85 Cherry lane (NY/NJ Border to Christmas Hill Rd)
Ramapo  74 Viola Rd (Golden Rd to Spook Rock Rd)
Stony Point  98 Willow Grove Rd (Letchworth Village Rd to Thiells Rd)
Stony Point  106 New Route 210 (Concrete End, near PIP exit 15 to Old Rte 210)


Route# Street
Orangetown 4 Closter Road (Start, NY/NJ Border to End, Rte 9W)
Orangetown 38 Bradley Hill Rd (Greenbush Rd to End)
Haverstraw 75 Calls Hollow Rd (Camp Hill Rd to Willow Grove Rd)
Ramapo 85 Spook Rock Rd (Highview Rd to Gandview Ave)
Ramapo 80 Grandview Ave (Spook Rock Rd to 175 Grandview Ave)
Ramapo 80A Grandview Ave Spur (Start, Spook Rock Rd to End, Grandview Ave)
Stony Point 108 Old Rte 210 (New Rte 210 to W Main St)
Stony Point 118 Mott Farm Rd (Buckberg Rd to RTE 9W)
Stony Point 118A Gay's Hill Rd (Mott Farm Rd to RTE 9W)
Stony Point 94 Letchworth Village Rd (Willow Grove Rd to Thiells Mt Ivy Rd)