Charles H. Vezzetti, Chairman
Vincent Altieri, Esq - Executive Director

The Rockland County Drainage Agency (RCDA) was established under authority of Chapter 846 of the Laws of 1975 to regulate construction and maintenance along designated County regulated streams. In conjunction with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the Army Corps of Engineers (COE), and local municipalities, the RCDA regulates development and activity along 14 streams - approximately 78 miles - within the County. The Drainage Agency also performs inspections of County Regulated Streams to identify obstructions or damage. 


Permits are required for construction activity within 100 feet of the channel lines of any Official Regulated Stream. Permit Applications are available at the Drainage Agency, located at 23 New Hempstead Road in New City, or may be downloaded at the following link.

Rockland County Stream Control Act Permit Application (pdf, 113kb)

Subdivision Plat Review

Prior to filing at the Rockland County Clerk's Office, all subdivision plats must be signed by the Chairman of the Drainage Agency. An application for subdivision plat review is available at the Drainage Agency or at the following link.

Application For Subdivision Plat Review (pdf, 131kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which county streams are County Regulated Streams? 

A:  The Rockland County Stream Control Act designated all or portions of the following streams as County Regulated Streams. County and town maps showing county regulated streams are available after the list below and can be downloaded for free.

1. Cedar Pond Brook – Stony Point 

2. Demarest Kill – Clarkstown 

3. Hackensack River – Clarkstown, Orangetown

4. Mahwah River – Haverstraw, Ramapo

5. Minisceongo Creek – Stony Point, Ramapo, Haverstraw

6. Muddy Creek – Orangetown

7. Nakoma Brook – Ramapo

8. Nauraushaun Brook - Clarkstown, Orangetown

9. Pascack Brook - Clarkstown, Orangetown, Ramapo

10. Ramapo River – Ramapo

11. Saddle River – Ramapo

12. Sparkill Creek – Orangetown

13. West Branch Hackensack River – Clarkstown

14. Willow Tree Brook – Ramapo

Map of County Regulated Streams - All Towns (pdf, 721kb)
Map of County Regulated Streams in Town of Clarkstown (pdf, 4.5MB)
Map of County Regulated Streams in Town of Haverstraw (pdf, 4.0MB)
Map of County Regulated Streams in Town of Orangetown (pdf, 3.0MB)
Map of County Regulated Streams in Town of Ramapo (pdf, 6.3MB)
Map of County Regulated Streams in Town of Stony Point (pdf, 1.1MB)

Q:  Is a permit required for construction activity on a property adjacent to a County Regulated Stream?

A: Drainage Agency staff are available for consultation and assistance in determining whether a permit is required.

Q:  Where can I get a copy of the Rockland County Stream Control Act? (Chapter 846)

A:  The Rockland County Stream Control Act is available for download at the following link:

Rockland County Stream Control Act - Chapter 846 (pdf, 1.8MB)