Road Service Request

Please use our Road Service Request form to report roadway maintenance issues. i.e. potholes, catch basins, sewer covers, etc.)

The Rockland County Highway Department has the responsibility for the administration, construction, maintenance, supervision, repair and care of approximately 340 lane miles (167 centerline miles) of roadways, 83 bridges and 115 culverts within the county jurisdiction.  The department mission is to provide a safe, well maintained and efficient operation of the county highway and bridge system. 

In addition, the department is responsible for:

  • Annual pavement program (Overlay, Microseal and Chipseal) of county highways.
  • Traffic, Highway and Bridge engineering along county highways.
  • Plowing and Salting of county highways.
  • Most signs fabrication, installation and maintenance along county highways.
  • County Highway Pavement Marking.
  • Highway permit issuance for construction activities such as driveways, utility installations, drainage installation etc. along county highway right-of-way.
  • Monitor and Issuance of Drainage Agency's permits for construction activities within the jurisdiction of County Regulated Streams.
  • Providing surveying and mapping services.
  • Removing dead trees or trimming branches within the county highway right-of-way.
  • Assisting the towns and villages with traffic engineering needs upon request.

To accomplish its responsibilities, the Rockland County Highway Department is divided into six divisions:

  1. Engineering Division
  2. Maintenance & Construction Division
  3. Drainage Agency
  4. Permits Division
  5. Traffic Safety Division
  6. Maps & Highway GIS Division

Feel free to contact us by phone 845-638-5060 or e-mail if you have any general questions for the Rockland County Highway Department. 

Complete this form, REQUEST FOR SERVICE, if you have a need for service from the Highway Department or Drainage Agency.