Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

May 25, 2017
Contact: Jane Lerner, Director of Strategic Communications (845) 638-5645
               Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, D.O., M.P.H., CPE, DABFM, FAAFP (845) 364-2512


NEW CITY, NY - - Rockland County Executive Ed Day and County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert encourage you to start, or remain being active, no matter what your age.

"Exercise provides many health benefits. Being physically active can help you stay strong and fit enough to keep doing the things you like to do as you get older. Making exercise and physical activity a regular part of your life can improve your health and help you stay more independent as you age," said Dr. Ruppert.

Regular exercise and physical activity can help older people maintain their health and reduce the risk of developing some diseases and disabilities that develop as people grow older. Studies show that people with arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes benefit from regular exercise. Exercise also helps people with high blood pressure, balance problems, or difficulty walking.

Investing time and energy in you has great benefits to your health and well-being! There are many ways to be active. For example, you can be active in short spurts throughout the day, or you can set aside specific times of the day on specific days of the week to exercise. Many physical activities, such as brisk walking, are free or low cost and do not require special equipment.

Visit to get information about the Go4Life exercise and physical activity campaign from the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health, designed to help you fit exercise and physical activity into your daily life. As with any physical activity program, it is recommended you speak to your health care provider before starting.