NY State of Health Enrollment Reaches Highest Point to Date

Open Enrollment Period Runs Through January 31, 2018


NY State of Health: What Does it Mean for You?

NY State of Health, the Official Health Plan Marketplace, is where New Yorkers can shop for, compare and enroll in health insurance coverage. You have a choice of health plans and help finding the plan that is right for you. It's the only place to get financial assistance to reduce the cost of coverage.  Health insurance offered in the Marketplace includes a comprehensive set of benefits.

Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance doesn't have to cost a lot anymore. That's why NY State of Health was created, to make sure all New Yorkers can get this important benefit. 

Open Enrollment begins November 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018.  

You can enroll outside of the Open Enrollment Period if you are eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plus, if you are an American Indian or Alaska Native, or it you tell us within 60 days of a life-changing event, like you:

  • Moved to New York State
  • Got married or divorced
  • Had or adopted a child
  • Became a citizen, national or lawfully present individual
  • Lost employer insurance
  • Are no longer eligible to be on a parent's plan

Small businesses can enroll at any time during the year.

There are eight health plans available through the NY State of Health Marketplace:

  • Affinity
  • EmblemHealth
  • Empire BlueCross/Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Fidelis Care
  • MVP Health Plan, Inc
  • Oscar Insurance Corporation
  • United Healthcare

New York State has a health insurance plan for kids, called Child Health Plus.

Depending on your family's income, your child may be eligible to join Medicaid or Child Health Plus for free or at a low cost, regardless of immigration status.

Coverage includes:

  • Physician Services
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Care
  • Prescription Drugs and Smoking Cessation Products
  • Lab Tests and X-rays
  • Vision, Speech and Hearing Services
  • Rehabilitative Services (some limits apply)
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Emergency Room and Emergency Ambulance Services
  • Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment (some limits apply)
  • Diabetic Supplies and Equipment
  • Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy and Hemodialysis
  • Dental Services (if offered by the health plan).

Provided through five participating managed care plans in your area:
Fidelis Care New York, Wellcare, Affinity Health Plan, MVP Health Plan and United Health Care Community Plan.

Sign up either:

Learn more:

For more information email healthinsurance@co.rockland.ny.us or call:

Nancy Haggerty 845-364-3394
Program Director/Navigator Assistor, English/Creole Speaking

Daddy Paul 845-364-3312
Navigator Assistor, English/Creole Speaking

Christina Duncan 845-364-2773
Navigator Assistor, English/Spanish Speaking

Etty Brach 845-356-9600
Navigator Assistor, English/Yiddish Speaking


No matter how much you earn, every uninsured child under age 19 qualifies for Child Health Plus.

There is no monthly premium for families whose income is less than 1.6 times the poverty level.  Families with somewhat higher incomes pay a monthly premium of $9, $15, $30, $45, or $60 per child per month, depending on their income and family size. For larger families, the monthly fee is capped at three children.

If the family's income is more than 4 times the poverty level, they pay the full monthly premium charged by the health plan. There are no co-payments for services under Child Health Plus, so you don't have to pay anything when your child receives care through these plans.  The full premium varies, depending on the health plan chosen by the family.

Medicaid coverage is provided through five participating managed care plans in your area:

Fidelis Care New York
Affinity Health Plan
Hudson Health Plan
United Health Care