Family Planning Services

We provide confidential services to women in their childbearing years (teens to pre-menopause):

  • Gynecological ("GYN") exam, which includes a pelvic exam, Pap test, and breast exam
  • Contraception (methods to prevent pregnancy), which include the following: IUD (IntraUterine Device, "Mirena" and "Copper T"), Depo Provera, ring, patch, pills, condoms, diaphragm, and spermicide 
  • Pregnancy testing (urine and blood testing available), options counseling, and referrals as needed 
  • Testing and medication for sexually transmitted infections, and medication for sexual partners
  • Diagnosis and medication for vaginal infections
  • Physical exams for women and their partners
  • Referral to specialists, if needed
  • Educational programs for schools and community groups
Our staff includes doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, HIV counselors, and Spanish language interpreters. 

To make an appointment or for more information: 

Call (845) 364-2531, Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 4:00PM. Please call for specific hours and to schedule an appointment. Limited same day appointments are available.

Clinic Hours and Locations:

  • Spring Valley (14 South Main Street): Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment.
  • Pomona (Robert L. Yeager Health Complex Bldg A, 2nd floor Rotunda area): Monday & Thursday by appointment.

Please Note:
Effective January 01, 2017 there will be no Family Planning Services clinics on Thursdays until further notice.

Clinic Fees:

  • No charge for teens and women with Family Planning Benefits (we can enroll eligible patients in this program at the clinic).
  • Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care is accepted.
  • We offer a sliding fee scale (based on ability to pay) for patients without insurance.

Bus Schedule Information:

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