Department of Health Programs and Services

Aquatic Health & Safety (public swimming pools, bathing beaches, and recreational aquatic spray grounds) staff review plans, and inspect and issue permits to both indoor and outdoor public bathing facilities.

Bed Bug Control Program provides information and presentations on how to prevent, spot and get rid of bed bugs.

Body Art staff issue permits and inspect body art establishments and practitioners for tattoos, piercing, and other body art procedures.

Children with Special Needs Program includes the Early Intervention Program and the Committee on Preschool Special Education.

Children's Day Camps staff issue permits, inspect children's day camps, and review and approve written safety plans.

Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.

Creating Healthy Schools and Communities program staff will work with the North Rockland Central School District, the Town of Haverstraw, the Villages of Haverstraw and West Haverstraw, and Child Care Resources of Rockland from June 1, 2021 – May 31, 2026 on several projects to boost physical activity and make healthy food options common place in schools, worksites, public places, and pre-K programs.

Diabetes Programs include the Living Well with Diabetes Program to help you learn simple ways to take good care of yourself and manage your type 2 diabetes and the National Diabetes Prevention Program to help you prevent type 2 diabetes. 

Emergency Medical Services responds 24/7 to medical emergencies, provides maintenance to Countywide Public Access AED program, coordinates EMS agencies, is home to the DMAT NY4 Disaster Response Team, and offers many programs to local businesses, community organizations, and individuals.

Emergency Preparedness provides a comprehensive approach for the county to prepare and respond to any public health emergency.

Environmental Health regulates and enforces public health and environmental matters in accordance with the Rockland County Sanitary Code, local laws, New York State laws and environmental conservation laws. Programs address the concerns of food and recreation, swimming pools, water supply, mosquito control and other matters.

Fall Prevention for Older Adults Program offers the nationally recognized "A Matter of Balance" fall
prevention program.

Family Planning Services Clinic provides services to women in their childbearing years (teens to pre-menopause) and to men, including exams, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, HIV testing and counseling, birth control information and supplies, nutrition education, and Pap tests, pelvic exams and breast exams.

Flu Clinic provides flu vaccines to people 6 months and older.

Food Services Program issues permits and inspects all types of food service operations (restaurants, mobile units, summer feeding, temporary, vending), conducts food safety courses, and investigates food poisoning

Food & Recreation staff investigate complaints from the public, as well as  inspect and issue permits to food service establishments. restaurants, deli's, luncheonettes, school cafeterias, fast food establishments, catering and food trucks, and food vending machines. They also routinely inspect the food stands at street fairs, carnivals, public pools and little league fields.

Health Insurance - information about free or low-cost health insurance programs sponsored by New York State.

Healthy Neighborhoods Program offers home visits to identify and discuss health and safety issues in the home, and provides free products to help address these issues, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Eligible residents include low-income residents, seniors, and at-risk families. We also offer engaging and interactive presentations on a variety of topics.

HIV/AIDS Services provides free, rapid, and confidential testing for HIV (results in 20 minutes).  

Household Hazardous Waste Facility is a drop-off collection facility that accepts household hazardous waste materials from Rockland County residents and small businesses that qualify for CESQG (Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators) status. 

Immunization Program offers many clinics where residents of all ages can get the immunizations (shots, vaccines) you need to protect yourself and others from serious diseases and infections. We also can help you find reliable information on immunizations. Adult Immunization Clinic provides immunizations (shots, vaccines) for adults to prevent a variety of illnesses. Child Immunization Clinic provides immunizations (shots, vaccines) for common childhood diseases for children/adolescents in elementary through high school.

Lactation Promotion and Support Program provides breastfeeding counseling, presentations, support groups, and guidance for employers on establishing a worksite lactation program.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program monitors the blood lead levels of children ages six months to 18 years. The program also provides support, referrals and resource materials about lead poisoning to Rockland County residents, including families, health professionals and home improvement professionals.

Lyme Disease Prevention and Education Program provides residents with information about ticks and Lyme disease, including educational materials, presentations, and a Lyme disease educator available by phone during business hours.

Medical Examiner investigates sudden, unnatural, unexplained and/or unattended deaths in Rockland County.

Mosquito Control Program implements a comprehensive mosquito surveillance and control program to stop the spread of West Nile Virus, and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

Nutrition Program provides information about good nutrition, healthier cooking, family meal, farmers' markets, sugar-sweetened beverages, and where to find better food choices in your community.

Public Health (Emergency) Preparedness Program provides a comprehensive approach for the county to prepare and respond to any public health emergency.

Quit Smoking Program (Put It Out Rockland) offers a series of one-on-one, or group, quit smoking sessions with a quit smoking specialist and low-cost nicotine replacement products (for those medically eligible) to double your chances of being successful. Call 364-2651 to get help to quit.

Rabies Program investigates animal bites, tests suspect animals for rabies, and offers rabies vaccine clinics in April, July, and October for dogs, cats, and ferrets. 

Rockland Codes Investigations (RCI) enforces housing hygiene and occupancy regulations, multiple dwelling rental registry, Lead, Body Art facilities, Tobacco Control, and Healthy Neighborhood Program.

School Health and Wellness Program works to improve access to physical activity and better nutrition in Rockland County schools.

Sexual Health Clinic provides confidential testing and treatment for a variety of sexually transmitted infections, and free HIV tests. We also offer HIV PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to qualifying individuals.

SHARPS Collection Program provides information about the proper disposal of residential "sharps" (needles, syringes and lancets used by residents for self medication), and lists scheduled collection sites where residents can dispose of their sharps. 

Tanning Facilities program issues permits and regulates commercial tanning facilities with ultraviolet radiation devices.

Tick-borne Disease Education and Prevention Program provides comprehensive services and information on various tick-borne diseases.

Tobacco Control provides programs designed to prevent the sale of tobacco products to minors and minimize exposure to excessive levels of second-hand smoke.

Tuberculosis (TB) Services include a chest clinic for evaluation and treatment of people with active TB, their contacts and other people at high risk for TB, and a clinic that performs tuberculin skin tests to check for TB infection.

Waste Management regulates several solid waste programs to protect the public health and environment,  enforcing laws and sanitary codes in regards to the generation, separation, collection, transportation and disposal of waste in Rockland.

Wastewater Program regulates all phases of waste-water disposal, the installation of septics and sewer mains and monitors sewer treatment plant operations.

Water Supply ensures the availability of an adequate quantity of water for domestic, commercial, and fire-protection purposes, and ensures that the quality of water available is safe for its intended use.

WIC is a free nutrition program for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and for children under the age of five. Participants who qualify based on financial need receive vouchers (checks) to purchase supplemental, nutritious foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, juice and cereal.