Housing/Rockland Codes Initiative - About Us

housing1.jpgThe Rockland County Department of Health is responsible for the enforcement of housing hygiene and occupancy regulations pursuant to the Rockland County Sanitary Code.  The Department investigates all residential housing complaints, including allegations regarding single family dwellings, multiple dwellings, rental properties and owner occupied premises.  Compliance with interior and exterior sanitary conditions are required, including but not limited to provisions for gas, electric and water services, second means of egress, hoarding, garbage, pests, structural integrity, over-occupancy and habitability in general.

The Department performs inspections of residences at the request of the Rockland County Department of Social Services (DSS).  Referrals for inspection are made directly to the Department of Health by DSS on behalf of their client(s).  All proposed DSS residences must be in full compliance with the housing hygiene and occupancy requirements as set forth in the county sanitary code and approved by the health inspector.

Rooming Houses


The Department of Health is responsible for annual inspections and permitting of all Rooming houses in the county.  Rooming houses are subject to compliance with the housing hygiene and occupancy regulations set forth in the county sanitary code in general.  Rooming houses are also subject  to specific requirements regarding bathroom facilities, cooking and dining restrictions, door locks, sleeping area floor space, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector location and compliance with local ordinances, including local building department codes.  The Department investigates all rooming house complaints, involving both general housing complaints and allegations of illegal and/or non-permitted operation.  Permit application to operate a rooming house is available to download.

All mobile home (trailer) parks and temporary residences, such as motels and hotels, are inspected annually for compliance with New York State Sanitary Code, Part 17 & subpart 7-1.  Inspections focus on general site maintenance and fire safety.  The Rockland County Department of Health must issue a permit to operate these facilities, which are renewed annually.   Permit application to operate is available to download.

Migrant Farmworker Housing

worker_housing.jpg The Department of Health conducts permit inspections of migrant farmworker housing facilities occupied by five (5) or more persons, one (1) or more of whom are employed to perform farm activities*.  (The property owner or other persons occupying the property on a continuous annual basis are not included in computing the number of persons occupying the property).  The migrant farm camp permit requirements mandate that no public health hazards, housing violations and/or fire hazards exist on the property.  Additionally, the property must be maintained in safe and sanitary condition, including but not limited to, adequate sleeping quarters, provisions for electric and water services, toilets, sewage and refuse disposal, food preparation, laundry and bathing facilities.  The Department also investigates migrant farm camp complaints.

* Pursuant to the New York State Sanitary Code, Part 15, Migrant Farmworker Housing.


carnival_3.JPGPursuant to the New York State Sanitary Code the Department is responsible for the enforcement of certain campgrounds regulations. Specifically, the Department conducts permit inspections and investigates complaints in conjunction with carnivals held seasonally throughout the county.  The campground permit requirements involve portable toilets, trash and offensive material, common sewage holding containers, recreational vehicles, campers, and bunkhouse trailers or any other residence on site for the purpose of housing carnival employees.  Such housing units and/or living quarters are inspected for sewage leaks and/or leaks involving the water supply connections and are strictly limited to  exterior inspections.

Violators of the Rockland County Sanitary Code are subject to administrative proceedings, including suspension and/or revocation of permits and monetary penalties.  Serious violations, such as longer than temporary disruption of gas, electric and/or water service may be referred directly to the Rockland County Department of Law for Supreme Court proceedings.

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