Information for Health Professionals

This section of our web site is focused on providing current and important information to the Rockland County public health professional community.  If there is any additional information that you would like to see added, please call our Health Education Division at (845) 364-2501.

Disease Reporting

Reporting of suspected or confirmed communicable diseases is mandated under the New York State Sanitary Code. The primary responsibility for reporting rests with the physician; moreover, laboratories, school nurses, day care center directors, nursing homes/hospitals and state institutions or other locations providing health services are also required to report certain diseases. For a list of reportable diseases and reporting requirements, please go to: Communicable Disease Reporting Requirements.

Physicians must report suspected or confirmed cases of the communicable diseases listed to the RCDOH within 24 hours. We prefer that you phone in confidential case report. You may also fax or mail a confidential case report form DOH 389. Diseases listed in bold must be reported by phone or fax, followed by submission of form DOH-389. Hard forms are also available by calling (845) 364-2997 or 2663.

Physicians should also report by phone: Outbreaks or clusters of any communicable disease, unusual illness, cases involving sensitive settings; such as food, health and child care services, and cases that have received a positive diagnosis and have not returned for treatment.
RCDOH will follow up to assure treatment completion. Reportable Disease Form

Phone: (845) 364-2997 or 2663 (Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm)
After Hours Phone: (845) 364-8600 (Ask for the Supervisor on call)
Fax: (845) 364 –3658
Mailing Address: Attn: Communicable Disease Control, Rockland County Health Department, 50 Sanatorium Road, Bldg D, Pomona, NY 10970

Expedited Partner Therapy

Below are Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) handouts in English and Spanish for partners who will be receiving EPT from a positive patient for chlamydia (doxycycline), gonorrhea (cefixime), or trichomoniasis (metronidazole). These documents are meant to enable providers to offer EPT following New York State's (NYS) updated EPT guidelines.

NYS Updated Expedited Partner Therapy Guidelines:

Expedited Partner Therapy handouts for partners:

Expedited Partner Therapy handouts for patients:

Talking to Your Patients About Quitting Smoking

When health professionals speak, smokers listen. Many studies have shown that people really do pay attention when their doctors advise them to quit smoking. Put It Out Rockland advises all health care practitioners to follow the "5 A's" protocol when speaking to your patients.

Just a few minutes of your time could increase a person's chance of quitting by 16%!

Ask every patient at every visit, including hospital admissions: "Have you used any tobacco products in the past two weeks?"

If they answer "yes," go to the next step,

Advise every tobacco user to quit with a personalized message about the benefits of quitting.

Assess if the user is willing to quit at this time or if not provide resources.

Assist every patient who is ready to quit (within the next two to four weeks) by referring them to the Put It Out Rockland Program at 845-364-2651. Click here for more information about our program.

Arrange for follow-up counseling on next visit.

If your patient is not ready to quit at this time, provide informational literature or self help materials that might motivate the patient to think about quitting.

Check out all the recommendations in this Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians.