Public Water Supply Protection

The Rockland County Department of Health (RCDOH) has two fundamental goals: ensure the availability of an adequate quantity of water for domestic, commercial, and fire-protection purposes. And ensure the quality of water available is safe for its intended use.

Realty Subdivision Laws also require RCDOH to confirm that available resources constitute a safe and adequate water supply before approving any new subdivisions or expansion of existing water supply systems.

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Well Permitting Program


To protect Rockland's groundwater, well construction, maintenance and decommission activities must comply with New York State and Rockland County Sanitary Codes. These services must be performed by a registered well contractor. Permits are required to:

  • drill a water supply well
  • drill a geothermal well
  • decommission a well
  • perform maintenance or repairs on a well
  • drill resource evaluation wells, monitoring wells or soil borings
To protect Rockland's residents, water from new wells must be tested pursuant to the Rockland County Private Well Testing law. (see below)

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Residential Well Testingwater-glass-theme-water-16490.jpg

RCDOH recommends homeowners test their well for bacteria every year. Our staff can collect a water sample from your home and deliver it to a local laboratory for bacteria, copper or lead analyses. Staff will also assist in explaining the lab results and any follow-up actions. Call 845-364-2595 for an appointment.

Rockland's Private Well Testing (PWT) Law requires more comprehensive testing using a registered laboratory for the following:

  • a newly constructed well
  • property transfer or sale
  • rental properties; (retest every 5 years)

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