Mosquito Testing Results For West Nile Virus (WNV) and Other Vector-Borne Illnesses
Mosquito Pools1 Submitted for WNV and EEE2 Testing

Pools Submitted 729
Pools WNV Positive 136
Pools WNV Negative


Pools EEE Positive


Pools EEE Negative


Total Mosquitoes Collected & Identified, Year-To-Date: 70,973
 Updated 10/19/2023  

WNV-Positive Pools by Township:

Clarkstown 37
Haverstraw 17
Orangetown 33
Ramapo 37
Stony Point 12
Total 136

Testing Results From Past Years

¹A 'Pool', in this case, is a grouping of 10-60 individual mosquitoes of the same species from the same trap site. Individual mosquitoes are not tested for mosquito-borne viruses. "Pools" of standing water are also not tested for mosquito-borne viruses.

²EEE stands for the Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus.

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