Protection Against Legionella

Cooling_Tower_2.jpgA cooling tower is part of a recirculated water system incorporated into a building's cooling, industrial, refrigeration or energy production system. Cooling towers are routinely tested for Legionella to assess the effectiveness of routine disinfection and maintenance.

Requirements for owners of all cooling towers in Rockland County:

  • Register all cooling towers in the New York State Cooling Tower Registry and update at least every 90 days while cooling towers are operational.
  • Implement a Maintenance Program and Plan, Including inspections at startup and every 90 days.
  • Test cooling towers for bacteria at least every 30 days.
  • Test cooling towers for Legionella at least every 90 days using ELAP accredited lab.
  • Notify New York State Department of Health and Rockland County Department of Health if elevated levels of Legionella are found.
  • Certify cooling towers by November 1 each year; download annual certification template.


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For additional information, please contact:

New York State Dept. of Health

518-402-7650 or 

Rockland County Dept. of Health

845-364-3682 or