The Rockland County Department of Health is responsible for enforcement of the Rockland County Sanitary Code. The regulations set forth requirements for the practice of body art, which includes, but is not limited to tattooing, cosmetic tattooing and piercing. The Department conducts annual inspections and issues annual permits for all body art establishments in the county. Body art establishments must abide by work station, record keeping and sanitizing requirements, state (OSHA) regulations and numerous restrictions, i.e. tattooing an individual under 18 is prohibited and minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for piercing. The Department also issues permits for all body art practitioners employed at permitted establishments. Body art practitioners are required to complete mandatory minimum requirements including anatomy and skin disease courses as well as blood borne pathogen, first aid and CPR certifications.Tattoo.jpg

Additionally, the Department investigates all body art complaints regarding permitted body art establishments and/or practitioners as well as non-permitted establishments and/or practitioners alleged to be practicing body art in the county. Violators are subject to administrative proceedings, including permit suspension and/or revocation and monetary penalties.

For further information, see the Rockland County Sanitary Code, Article XVI.

Body Art permit applications available for download