The Center for Environmental Health regulates and enforces public health and environmental matters in accordance with the Rockland County Sanitary Code, Local laws, New York State laws and Environmental Conservation laws. Programs address the concerns of food and recreation, swimming pools, water supply, mosquito control and other matters.

Aquatic Health & Safety

The popularity of aquatic activities are growing and we currently have approximately 140 regulated facilities with 230 operations in our county. Improper design, operation and/or supervision of bathing facilities can create hazards that endanger public health and safety.

Body Art

The purpose is to permit and inspect body art facilities, as well as minimize the risk of infection inherent in tattooing and piercing procedures.

Commercial Tanning Facilities 

The purpose is to permit and inspect commercial tanning facilities, as well as increase the public's knowledge of the hazards of indoor tanning, minimize user injuries and limit tanning access by minors.

Cooling Towers

Purpose is to monitor and protect towers from Legionella.

Food & Recreation

Staff monitor food service establishments that include restaurants, delis, school cafeterias, hot dog trucks, food vending machines and food stands at street fairs and carnivals.  The Department is also responsible for inspecting children's camps.  Results of restaurant inspections are available to view.

Mosquito Control

Provides comprehensive surveillance and control program designed to identify the presence of mosquito borne diseases and to reduce the risk of human transmission. Surveillance is accomplished through collection and testing of adult mosquitoes.


Responsibilities include the assessment of human and/or pet exposure to rabies, treatment authorization, testing suspect animals, and the investigation of animal bites and quarantines.


The Department investigates complaints concerning housing violations in rental units, provides routine inspections of permitted rooming houses and pre-rental inspections.

Tobacco Control

Provides programs designed to prevent the sale of tobacco products to minors and minimize exposure to excessive levels of second-hand smoke.

Waste Management

The purpose is to protect the public health and environment by regulating the separation, collection, transportation and disposal of waste.


Regulates all phases of wastewater disposal, the installation of septic systems, sewer mains and monitors sewer treatment plant operations.

Water Supply

Enforces regulations to assure safe drinking water for residents of Rockland County through water quality analyses of public and private water supplies.