The Department of General Services assists all county departments with the purchase and sale of materials, supplies and equipment, information technology, computer hardware and software support, physical plant operation, maintenance of buildings and grounds, office space planning and assignment, auto maintenance, building security, housekeeping, communications, and the county's capital program.
The strong support it provides thus enables all other county departments to provide their highest level of service to the citizens of Rockland County.

Facilities Management Division

Maintains and operates all county facilities in performing maintenance and capital improvements.

Information Technology Services

Maintains the county's network infrastructure and software applications; provides hardware and software support; offers computer training for county employees.

Purchasing Division

Makes all purchases and sales of materials, supplies, equipment and services.

Fleet Operations

Provides users with safe and reliable vehicles that support their operational needs in a cost-effective manner.


Provides 24 /7 protection at the Health Center and more limited coverage at the New City Office Complex.