Fire & Emergency Services - Weather Information

Fire and Emergency Services has established several weather stations throughout the County. These stations provide up-to-the-minute weather conditions for the local area, as well as local forecasts and live cameras at our Haverstraw and New City locations.

Use the map below to select the station that you would like to access.

Hurricane Preparedness

Flooding occurs throughout the year across the United States. It causes more damage in the United States than any other weather related event. On average, floods cause eight billion dollars in damages and eighty nine fatalities annually. Being prepared and knowing how to stay safe will help you and your loved ones survive a flood.

There are many types of floods, including:
• Freshwater flooding of land and water caused by heavy rainfall and/or snowmelt,
• Storm surge flooding caused by a quick surge of water levels with the approach of a intense coastal storm or tropical cyclone.
• Ice jam flooding in rivers and streams
Selected recent high impact flood events include:
Tri-State Flash Flooding on 9/25/2018
Historic Long Island Flash flooding on 8/12-13/2014
Historic NY/NJ Storm Surge coastal flooding with Sandy on 10/29/2012
Record NJ/NY/CT Freshwater River Flooding and Storm Surge Flooding with Irene on 8/28/2011
To monitor real-time water levels across the local area, monitor our Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) web page: (Change the Auto Refresh tab to ON for real-time monitoring.)

To better visualize river flood impacts check out our latest library of
Inundation Maps at
Inundation maps provide information on the spatial extent and depth of
flood waters in the vicinity of both NWS river forecast and non-forecast
points. Flood inundation maps, combined with river observations and NWS
forecasts, enhance the communication of flood risk, provide users with
additional information to better mitigate the impacts of flooding, and
build more resilient communities.

Please join your NWS in promoting flood safety to help save lives, protect property, and enhance our economy. We are promoting flood safety Today, March 11 through Friday, March 15 through our:
-Issuance of daily Public Information Statements. These statements will also be broadcast over All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio.

Also check out our Weather Ready Nation (WRN) Flood Safety Web page at: