photo of indian point energy center.jpgWhat is Indian Point?

Indian Point is a permanently shut down nuclear power plant located in Buchanan, NY, in Westchester County, approximately 40 miles north of New York City. It is now owned by Holtec International. For more information, see


There have been two important changes at the Indian Point Energy Center that affect emergency planning in Rockland County. First, both nuclear plants have shut down and the nuclear fuel has been removed from the reactors. Second, decommissioning activities are underway to move the fuel to dry cask storage. Since the fuel has been removed from the reactor and will be placed in long-term storage in the casks, there is no longer any significant risk of a radiological emergency at the site affecting Rockland County.

There is no longer any need to move children to an alternate school outside of the 10-mile emergency planning zone and the risk of radioiodine exposure in this zone has been greatly reduced so that the administration of Potassium Iodide (KI) is no longer needed.

Until the Nuclear Regulatory Commission formally approves the new decommissioning emergency plan for Indian Point, expected sometime in 2023, the sirens and EAS system will remain operational. After the plan is approved, the sirens, EAS and the 10-mile emergency planning area around Indian Point will no longer be required.

Rockland County will continue to monitor the decommissioning process as it progresses and maintain emergency plans commensurate for the hazards at the site.

How would I be notified of an emergency at Indian Point

Special emergency sirens that produce a continuous, four-minute tone would alert people within 10 miles of Indian Point to tune to an Emergency Alert Station (EAS) for information about an emergency at Indian Point. If you hear the continuous, four-minute tone, listen to one of the EAS system stations listed below for official information on what you should do. These sirens are tested periodically throughout the year. Siren tests are announced in advance through local news media. In addition to the sirens, a high-speed telephone service, an e-mail alerting service or web-based services such as NY Alert could be used to notify and inform the public.

Be Prepared In An Emergency - sign up online now!

Residents can sign up for NY Alert online at and receive warnings and emergency information via the web, your cell phone, email and other technologies.    

People with limited mobility and special needs can register at the Rockland County Access and Functional Needs Registry, so emergency responders are aware of your needs during an emergency.

How would I find out what I should do in an emergency?

Officials would use the Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio and television stations to provide information and instructions to the public. EAS stations in this area are listed below. These stations would be the official source of information during an emergency. Different areas could be directed to take different actions. 

What about people with special needs?

image of wheelchairIf you have special needs, such as a walking disability, impaired sight or hearing, or need specialized transportation or equipment, Rockland County will make special arrangements for you. Call 211 or visit the Rockland County Access and Functional Needs Registry at Access and Functional  Needs Registry.

photo of radio.jpgphoto of television.jpgTune in for information

If you hear the emergency sirens, tune in your radio and TV to an Emergency Alert System (EAS) station for further information. Remember: The sounding of the sirens is not a signal to take any actions other than to listen to your radio or TV.

Primary Emergency Alert System (EAS) Stations for the Hudson Valley:

 AM Radio  FM Radio  Television
 WLNA 1420  WHUD 100.7  



Emergency information could also be carried on the following stations:

 AM Radio  FM Radio  Television
 WOR 710  WRPJ 88.9  WCBS CH 2
 WABC 770  WOSR 91.7  WNBC CH 4
 WCBS 880  WNYC 93.9  WNYW CH 5
 WINS 1010  WJGK 103.1  WABC CH 7