Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For the most up to date information on the 2019 novel (new) Coronavirus (COVID-19), please vist the Rockland County Department of Health's main Coronavirus webpage: or the Center for Disease Control & Prevention:

The public should be aware that when emergency responders are actively assisting others, one of their goals is also to protect themselves. Emergency responders may inquire about safety measures to avoid exposure to the COVID 19 virus. Prior to individual interaction or entry in a building or residence, one may be asked questions, such as “Do you or someone occupying the premise have a confirmed case or symptoms of the COVID 19 virus?”  In addition, “Have you traveled outside the country within the last 30 days?” We appreciate your understanding in this matter.  Safety and the wellbeing of those we protect is essential.  We must ensure our safety and that of our families in order to effectively serve the public.

On behalf of all the courageous and dedicated men and women serving within the Rockland County Fire and Emergency Services, I welcome you to our webpage. 

The Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services supports local response personnel by providing training, planning, and communication technology along with highly skilled Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue Teams.  The Helicopter Emergency Lift Program (H.E.L.P.) operates 24/7 to enhance fire, police and EMS operations, while our associations render the vast amount of knowledge and support that can be gained only from experienced and dedicated individuals. 

Feel free to browse, and if at any time you have a question, please reach out to our staff.  We are happy to serve. 

Christopher G. Kear,  Director 

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt

DSC_0021.jpgThe Rockland County Department of Fire & Emergency Services responds to natural disasters such as snowstorms, floods, and hurricanes; technical disasters such as chemical spills; and hazardous materials incidents. We provide 911 service for the residents of Rockland County where we dispatch fire companies and ambulance squads. We also conduct Indian Point drills on a regular basis.

Our office recently coordinated the development of a multi-jurisdictional natural hazard mitigation plan funded through a FEMA grant which allows jurisdictions to apply for FEMA grant monies and will reduce economic damages resulting from future natural disasters.

We offer a variety of training programs for firefighters and emergency responders and fire safety courses for business and industry. Courses are given at the Fire Training Center in Pomona, which opened in 1973 thanks to the foresight and efforts of many dedicated fire service leaders. Over the years, we have educated thousands of firefighters from all over the tri-state area in the areas of fire prevention, protection and suppression. We also conduct tours of the Volunteer Fire Services Museum to students and groups, through our Museum Committee.

Our Mission Statement reads: "The Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services provides support and training necessary to the Rockland County Fire Service and all Emergency Responders so that they may provide our citizens with the finest available emergency services."


We are constantly expanding and improving our firefighter training programs. We presently offer National Fire Academy Outreach Courses, New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control Fire Service Outreach Courses, and over 300 Rockland County Fire Training Courses. We can also develop and present courses to meet your special needs.