Rockland Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation

The mission of the corporation is to lessen the burdens of government by engaging solely in activities to acquire specific unencumbered revenues of the County of Rockland (the "County") and issue obligations consistent with it's Certificate of Incorporation. Said revenues are comprised of the County's rights under and pursuant to a Consent Decree and Final Judgement of the Supreme Court of the State of New York dated December 23, 1998, as the same may be amended or modified, in the class action entitled The State of New York et. al. v. Phillip Morris Incorporated et. al. (Index No. 400361/97)

Board Members:

Howard Phillips - Chairman & Director
Stephen F. DeGroat - Treasurer & Director
Edwin J. Day - Sole Member
Dorothy C. Filoramo - Independent Director
Nicole Doliner - Director
C. Scott Vanderhoef - Director

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Contact Information for Accountants & Attorneys for the Corporation:

Accounting Firm:

Drescher & Malecki LLP
3083 William Street, Suite 5
Buffalo, New York 14227
Tel. 716-565-2299
Fax 716-565-2201

Legal Firm:

Montalbano, Condon & Frank P.C.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
67 North Main Street
New City, New York 10956-8070
Tel: (845) 634-7010
Fax: (845) 634-8993