Parks_Eleanor_Burlingham.jpg25 Municipal Plaza, Sloatsburg
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Directions:  From Route 17 turn onto Seven Lakes Drive. Turn onto Waldron Terrace. Parking is along roadway at end of Waldron Terrace.

Description:  45 Acres - Heavily wooded low lying floodplain.  The Ramapo River is designated a New York State Wild, Scenic and Recreational River.  The water quality is rated as "Class A" with the best use of these waters for public consumption. The Stony Brook also traverses this area draining 18 miles of watershed into the Ramapo River.

  As early as 1792, Isaac Sloat built Sloats Pond Dam to provide waterpower to run mills and other forms of manufacturing.  Isaac's son, Jacob Sloat, built a textile mill at the site in the early 1800s.  Sloats dam is a rare remaining symbol of the early industrial era and the contribution of waterpower to the development of the Village of Sloatsburg.   The land containing these sites is now part of undeveloped parkland.  In 1987, thirty-seven acres was acquired through tax delinquency an additional 4 acres donated in 1995.  The Park was dedicated in September 1992.  Named in honor of the late Eleanor Burlingham, an active environmentalist in Rockland County.

Present Use:
  Passive park.  Fishing, canoeing, bird watching and hiking.  Ramapo River is stocked annually with trout.  Sloats Pond is a popular fishing site with local residents.  The Ramapo River is one of the few canoeable rivers in the metropolitan area.

Future Plans:
  To maintain as an attractive, passive use park for local residents.  Additional properties along the Ramapo River will be acquired to protect the river and expand the park.

Wildlife:  Brown Trout, Chain Pickerel, Chub Sucker, Carp, Small-Mouth Bass, Sunfish, White-tailed Deer, Groundhog, Muskrat, Rabbit, Skunk, Opossum, Raccoon, Black Snake, Water Snake, Garter Snake, Spotted Sandpiper, Downy Woodpecker, Killdeer, Flicker, numerous waterfowl.

Rest Rooms:  No      Handicapped Accessible:  No