Soil & Water Conservation District

The Rockland County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) was established in 1965 and is responsible for developing Soil and Water Conservation District programs to protect and conserve soil, water, prime and unique farmland, wildlife, energy and other renewable resources to meet the needs of the local land user on non-federal lands. The Board of Directors represent the County's five towns. They are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Legislature. District programs encourage municipalities and residents to conserve water and to protect our existing water resources. The District offers FREE environmental education programs to students of all ages throughout the year, monitors our water quality for fish health, assesses the health of our culverts and bridges, and collaborates with regional and local organizations annually on a variety of projects such as the NYS DEC endorsed 4 Hour Training in Erosion & Sediment Control as well as the NYS DEC sponsored American eel project.

Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month (sometimes 4th our office).
Meetings start at 9:30am at the Dr. Robert L. Yeager Health Center, 50 Sanatorium Rd, Bldg K, Pomona, NY. All meetings are open to the public.


Executive Director - Allan Beers
District Manager - Nicole Laible
Clarkstown Hwy Dept. - Frank DiZenzo
Haverstraw Hwy Dept. - George Wargo Jr.
Orangetown Hwy Dept. - James Dean, Chair
Stony Point Hwy Dept. - Larry Brissing
Ramapo Hwy Dept.- Tony Sharan

Others - Delegated by Local Law

Below is a list of past meetings Agendas and Minutes.

SWCD Agenda 03-12-18  
SWCD Agenda 02-08-18  
SWCD Agenda 01-18-18  
SWCD Meeting Dates 2018  
SWCD Agenda 11-16-17  
SWCD Agenda 10-18-17  
SWCD Agenda 09-14-17  
SWCD Agenda (Emergency Meeting) 07-10-17 SWCD Minutes 07-10-17
SWCD Agenda 06-22-17 SWCD Minutes 06-22-17
SWCD Agenda 05-25-17 SWCD Minutes 05-25-17
SWCD Agenda 04-27-17 SWCD Minutes 04-27-17
SWCD Agenda 03-30-17 SWCD Minutes 03-30-17
SWCD Agenda 02-23-17 SWCD Minutes 02-23-17
SWCD Agenda 01-26-17 SWCD Minutes 01-26-17
SWCD Meeting Dates 2017  
SWCD Culvert Prioritization* Agenda 12-20-16 SWCD Culvert Meeting Notes
SWCD Emergency Meeting 12-20-16 SWCD Minutes 12-20-16
SWCD Agenda 11-17-16 SWCD Minutes 11-17-16
SWCD Agenda 10-27-16 SWCD Minutes 10-27-16
SWCD Agenda 09-22-16 SWCD Minutes 09-22-16
SWCD Agenda 06-16-16 SWCD Minutes 06-16-16
SWCD Agenda 05-19-16 SWCD Minutes 05-19-16
SWCD Agenda 04-28-16 SWCD Minutes 04-28-16
SWCD Agenda 03-24-16 SWCD Minutes 03-24-16
SWCD Agenda 02-25-16 SWCD Minutes 02-25-16
SWCD Agenda 01-28-16 SWCD Minutes 01-28-16
SWCD Meeting Dates 2016