Parks Commission

Since 1965, the Rockland County Park System has grown from one park of 3 acres to a network of 30 parks comprising 3,179 acres. The goal has been to achieve the national standard of one acre per 100 of population, and to provide county residents ready access to local parks without having to drive long distances to enjoy nature's beauty. Park acquisitions have been attained through gifts, tax delinquency, and County funds matched with Federal and State grants.

The Park Commission is indebted to the Rockland County Executive, Rockland County Legislators, County Planning Department Staff, Department of Law, Rockland County Sheriff Department, Rockland Audubon Society, Environmental Management Council, Department of General Services and Rockland County Highway Department for guidance and assistance with the many complexities faced in managing our parks. Meetings are scheduled when needed about 4 times per year (quarterly). The Commission is comprised of five individuals who review requests for modifications to County Park's such as drone laws, mountain bike installations, and more.


Joanna Galdone
Diane Gruskin
Claudia Perry
Geoffrey Welch

Former Chairmen:

Samuel G. Fisher
Luther A. Nelson
Thomas Vanderbeek

Listed below are past meetings Agendas and Minutes.

PC Agenda 03-19-18 PC Minutes 03-19-18
PC Agenda 12-18-17 PC Minutes 09-06-17
PC Agenda 09-26-16 PC Minutes 09-26-16