Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board

The Ag & Farm Board's mission is to advise the County Executive and Legislature on proposed establishment, modification or termination of any agricultural district and agricultural initiatives. The board reviews sub-division proposals that may affect agricultural land and approves and revises the Farmland Protection Plan. It may request that the NYS Commissioner of Agriculture & Markets intervene in disputes between agriculture producer's and government agencies. The board provides public education related to the benefits of preserving and promoting the environmental, cultural and economic aspects of agriculture. The board is comprised of several representatives from local farms, County legislatures, Cornell Cooperative Extension staff, SWCD board members and more working together to establish an Agricultural District in Rockland County.


Hon. Harriet Cornell - Rockland County Legislature
James J. Dean - Soil & Water Conservation District
Machado Mead - Pfeiffer Center
John McDowell - Camp Hill Farm -   Chairman
Joy D. Macy- Farmer
Chuck Stead- Land Preservationist
William V. Summers- Farmer
Sean Matthews- Real Property Tax Officer
Douglas Schuetz- County Planning Dept.
John Wickes- Agribusiness
Kristen Ossmann- Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County* 
Allan Beers- County Division of Environmental Resources (staff)
Nicole Laible- County Division of Environmental Resources (staff)

Listed below are past meetings Agendas and Minutes.

Meeting Notice 02-20-2020 Minutes 02-20-2020  Public Outreach Timeline
Agenda 03-27-2019 Minutes 3-27-2019
Agenda 11-29-2018 Minutes 11-29-2018
Ag District Resolution
Agenda 05-15-2018 Minutes 05-15-2018
Agenda 01-11-2018 Minutes 01-11-2018