Ed Day, Rockland County Executive


August 18, 2017

Contact: Jane Lerner, Director of Strategic Communications
Office of the County Executive (845) 638-5645

Rockland Plan to Donate Unused Medical Supplies to Dominican Republic

NEW CITY, NY – Rockland County Executive Ed Day announced today a plan to donate surplus medical items from the now-closed county nursing home to Haverstraw organizations that will send them to the Dominican Republic.

"There are strong ties between the people of the Dominican Republic and Rockland County," he said. "We are happy to donate these supplies to a good cause."

He was joined by Fernando Pena and Johnny Ortiz of the Quisqueya Sports Club and Emmy Madera and Inmaculada Hilario of the Lions Club of Haverstraw.

The County Executive will submit a resolution to the Rockland County Legislature to donate the items.

If it is approved, the two Haverstraw groups will take more than 80 used regular and motorized wheelchairs, aluminum walkers, eight cases of disposable bed pans, 50 cases of adult diapers and 40 over-the-bed tables as well as sheets, blankets, hospital gowns and other supplies.

The supplies were in a storage area of Building A in Pomona, where the Summit Park nursing home had been located.

Since the nursing home closed, the county has put many items up for auction, often receiving pennies on the dollar.

"These items are obviously not doing us any good sitting here taking up space," the County Executive said.

These supplies will be going to hospitals and clinics and churches all over the Dominican Republic.

"I ask the Legislature to approve this resolution so we can help the people of the Dominican Republic," he said.