Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

February 9, 2017

Contact: Jane Lerner, Director of Strategic Communications
Office of the County Executive (845) 638-5645

Rockland County Executive Ed Day declares State of Emergency

NEW CITY, NY – Rockland County Executive Ed Day today declared a State of Emergency due to the heavy snow and deteriorating weather conditions.

The declaration, effective immediately, bans travel on all county and local roads for all but essential business.

"This state of emergency has been declared due to extreme weather conditions, which may endanger the public, including emergency responders and rescue teams and due to snow and ice conditions requiring that the State, County and local authorities have free access to the roadways to abate conditions hazardous to travelers," the County Executive said.

County government is open.

The Rockland Department of Public Transportation has suspended all bus service, including TRIPS, TOR and the Tappan Zee Express.

"We need every one to stay off the roads," Day said. "Please don't go out until we end this state of emergency."