Ed Day, Rockland County Executive


June 30, 2017
Contact: Jane Lerner, Director of Strategic Communications
Office of the County Executive (845) 638-5645



Rockland County Executive Ed Day Congratulates Firefighters at Graduation Ceremony

POMONA, NY – Rockland County Executive Ed Day congratulated 33 members of this year's graduating class of volunteer firefighters at a ceremony held Thursday.

"As firefighters, you will be running into burning buildings, getting up in the middle of the night, going out in all kinds of weather, ready to respond at moment's notice when someone needs help. Even if it means putting yourself in harm's way," he said. "This service is all the more remarkable because you do it as volunteers."

He thanked the firefighters for their selfless decision to serve the community. And he repeated the call for more people to volunteer.

The County Executive also praised the staff and instructors at the Rockland County Fire Training Center including Gordon Wren, Peter Byrne, Michael Healy and others, who provided the volunteers with top-notch classroom and practical experience.

"As a former law enforcement official, I welcome you to the fellowship of first responders. We will always have your back," he told the graduates. "And we will pray that you and everyone on your team comes home safely after each and every call.

Graduates in Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations or Interior Firefighting Operations:

• Blauvelt Fire Dept 1
Brian T Bermingham – BEFO
Luke H Hovorka – BEFO

• Hillburn Fire Dept 5
Vulfrano Lazcares-Ventura – BEFO/IFO

• Hillcrest Fire Dept 6
Gerson Hernandez – BEFO/IFO

• Monsey Fire Dept 7
Robert J Condon – BEFO
Uzi Kamensky – BEFO/IFO
Eli Ribowsky – BEFO/IFO

• Nyack Fire Dept 10
Brianna Bianchi – BEFO/IFO
David Torres – BEFO/IFO

• Orangeburg Fire Dept 11
Liam P Donohue - BEFO
Robert J Smith - BEFO

• Pearl River Fire Dept 12
Kevin J McGarvey Jr - BEFO
John Tallia – BEFO

• Sparkill Fire Dept 16
Nicholas Cintron – BEFO
Ryan M Hennessy – BEFO
Harley Ruiz - BEFO

• Spring Valley Fire Dept 17
Lens Alexis - BEFO/IFO

• Stony Point Fire Dept 18
Robert Bonelli – BEFO/IFO

• Suffern Fire Dept 19
Sergio L Fica - BEFO
Manuel Jaimes – BEFO/IFO
Liam J Naughton – BEFO
Jeffrey Pasternack – BEFO/IFO
Nicholas C Torino – BEFO

• Tallman Fire Dept 20
Robert G Doremus Jr – BEFO
Harrison W Gutfeld – BEFO
Zachary R Kunow – BEFO

• Tappan Fire Dept 21
Geoffrey Dick – BEFO/IFO

• Valley Cottage Fire Dept 22
Thomas F Cummings – BEFO
Edward Pecora II – BEFO/IFO

• West Haverstraw Fire Dept 23
Danny Santos - BEFO
George V Trager Jr – BEFO

• South Spring Valley Fire Dept 25
Christopher Van Schaick – BEFO/IFO

Pictured: Gordon Wren, Director, Rockland County Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Jeff Facinelli, Hillcrest Fire Department volunteer and Battalion Chief FDNY and Rockland County Executive Ed Day.