Ed Day, Rockland County Executive


September 7, 2017

Contact: Jane Lerner, Director of Strategic Communications
Office of the County Executive (845) 638-5645




Rockland County Executive Asks for Voter Registration Investigation

NEW CITY, NY – Rockland County Executive Ed Day has asked for an investigation into possible voter registration irregularities related to over 500 forms received just before the deadline to vote in the Sept. 12 primary.

"This is about a clear pattern of abuse of our electoral system," the County Executive said as he stood surrounded by veterans who fought to preserve that right. "It's about how the most sacred right we hold as Americans can be gamed."

Day asked for an investigation into over 500 questionable registrations to the Rockland County Conservative Party just received from one area of Ramapo.

Three individuals submitted nearly all the new registrations predominantly from a this area on three different days. Eighty-eight new registration forms were submitted on July 12-13th as nominating petitions were due and another 429 registrations were submitted on August 18, just before the deadline for voting in next week's primary.

Many of these registration forms lacked information such as a previous address or disclosed whether the individual was registered to vote in another county, Day said.

Some of the new registrants are also currently registered to vote in other parts of the state -- mostly in Brooklyn, Orange and Sullivan counties.

Day said he suspects that the sudden increase in registrations stems from powerful developers who oppose his efforts as County Executive to stop uncontrolled growth in Ramapo.

"Let me publicly respond to those developers who look to compromise the health, environment and well-being of this county," he said. "Here is my message: The days of getting away with the destruction of communities are over."

He asked for action from the New York State Attorney General, the Board of Elections, the Rockland County Sheriff, District Attorney, state lawmakers and others to determine the extent of the fraud.

Day requested that they take the following actions:

• The Board of Elections and Sheriff conduct a check to determine if the residency stated on the form is accurate.
• Impound and investigate absentee ballots received from these new voters.
• Interview the three individuals who brought in the 519 registration forms to determine their role.
• A change in Board of Election policy so that all questions on a form have to be answered.
• A requirement that new applicants without a driver's license or social security card provide identification, which is not currently required.
• The state Legislature and Governor enact voter ID laws.