Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

January 23, 2014
Contact: Scott Salotto (C.E.) 845.638.5645
                 Susan Meyer (Transportation) 845.364.3445

New Electronic Fareboxes Coming To Rockland Buses

All existing fares, passes and tickets remain valid

SUFFERN, NY ‐‐ Rockland County Executive Ed Day today joined County Public Transportation Commissioner Thomas Vanderbeek on the campus of Rockland Community College to announce the rollout of high‐tech electronic fareboxes on all Transport of Rockland (TOR) and TAPPAN ZEExpress (TZx) buses.

Riders are scheduled to begin using the new fareboxes during the week of January 27th.

Fareboxes will provide the Department with a customer‐friendly, controlled method of handling fare revenue. Installation of fareboxes will also enable TOR and TZx to more efficiently collect fares and generate, report and store ridership data. Previously, TOR buses had only fare registers upon which drivers would push buttons to indicate faretypes and issue transfers. Cash fares on TOR and TZx will no longer be collected by the bus drivers.

"Rockland County is pleased to be able to move forward with providing advanced technologies and equipment onboard our buses, which will improve and modernize service for our residents," said County Executive Ed Day. "These new fareboxes are a good example of how county government is working to deliver an efficient service that makes life easier for the riding public."

The fareboxes will initially be used to speed boarding and improve the customer experience by improving the cash fare collection process. Phase I will maintain all of the existing fare types. The only different action riders will need to take will be to insert their fare, Change Card or Transfer into the farebox.

Exact change is recommended because cash will no longer be provided as change. Instead, the farebox will issue an electronic Change Card – a magnetic stripe fare card that can be used toward future rides. Fares will be deducted from the Change Card each time it is inserted at the farebox. The farebox will print any remaining value on the Change Card following each transaction, enabling riders to "store" fares for future rides. Drivers will no longer make change. The Department is asking riders to use small bills and quarters only when paying fares. (The farebox will not accept bills larger than $20 or pennies).

For TOR, the Cash Fare is $2.00 and the Senior/Disabled Cash Fare is 75 cents. For TZx, the Cash Fare is $3.00 and the Senior/Disabled Cash Fare is $1.00. Cash Fare transfers for both TOR and TZx are available for 50 cents each, and Senior/Disabled transfers for both TOR and TZx are available for 25 cents each. A strip of 10 volume‐discounted SuperSaver tickets may be purchased for $11.00 (one ticket to board TOR and two tickets for TZx). Children under 40 inches tall ride free with an accompanying adult.

The Department has been distributing brochures onboard buses for the past several weeks and demonstrating the fareboxes at Transit Hubs throughout the County to show riders how to use the new fare collection process. Bus drivers and bus operations and maintenance staff have already been trained on the use of the new farebox equipment.

The Department offers the following Farebox Facts to help riders when boarding the bus:

  • The farebox accepts coins and bills just like food vending machines. Riders should insert coins in the Coin Insertion Cup, one coin at a time. If paying with bills, riders should feed flat, unfolded bills (in any orientation) into the Bill Insertion Slot.
  • Riders who need to purchase a Transfer should still request one when boarding, but Transfers will now be issued by the farebox in the form of a magnetic stripe Transfer Card. Riders should request a Transfer before inserting their fare into the farebox. The Transfer Card is simply inserted into the farebox of the connecting bus.
  • Riders eligible for Reduced Fare should show their Reduced Fare Identification before inserting their fare into the farebox.
  • Riders paying with a SuperSaver or DSS ticket should simply hand the ticket to the driver, as they do now.
  • Riders paying with a Transfer from Clarkstown MiniTrans, Spring Valley Jitney or other eligible connecting service should hand the Transfer to the driver, as they do now.
  • TZx UniTicket riders should show their UniTicket to the driver, as they do now.
  • College Student Pass holders should show simply show their Pass with their Student Photo Identification, as they do now.

The technology in the new fareboxes will also enable TOR and TZx to introduce new and better fare types and payment options in the future. In Phase II of the project, new payment technologies will eventually replace TOR's system of tickets and passes with a more streamlined system. As more electronic fare options like multi‐trip and refillable cards gradually roll out for riders, the system will also reduce the reliance on cash.

For customers, this new payment system will be more convenient, secure, reliable and easy to understand. For the County, the new technology will provide more complete and accurate revenue accountability and provide for enhanced data collection and processing.

The fareboxes were furnished and installed by Genfare – a division of SPX Corporation – of Elk Grove Village, IL, at a cost of $1,310,645. Eighty percent of the cost will be reimbursed with a grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), with the NYS Department of Transportation providing an additional 10% and local transportation funds (non‐County tax dollars) providing the remaining 10% funding. FTA funds Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and other capital projects for the Transport of Rockland (TOR) and TAPPAN ZEExpress (TZx) bus services in Rockland County.

Enhancing the TOR and TZx bus services with ITS equipment will improve service for Rockland residents. It also helps Rockland County meet its goal to reduce traffic congestion by providing efficient and attractive transit alternatives to single‐occupant vehicles.

The Department of Public Transportation receives Federal, State and local transportation dollars to operate the County's TOR, TZx and TRIPS bus services at no cost to Rockland County taxpayers.

For transit inquiries, go to or call the Rockland Transit Information Center at (845) 364‐3333, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.