2017 Goals

  • Continued enforcement of Rockland County Laws under our jurisdiction including continued cooperation with the Office of the District Attorney and Sheriff's Department in pursuit of unlicensed contractors
  • Coordinate with the Department of Law, County Legislature and Sheriff's Department regarding researching issues in taxi and livery industry countywide and drafting of Local Law and Rules and Regulations
  • Continued availability by staff for opportunities to educate consumers in the County at public meetings or events
  • Explore possibility of creation of online complaint form with MIS Department and posting of typeable pdf forms and applications for general public to access on the County's website. Creation of typeable pdf forms requires the purchase of additional software
  • Continued collaboration with MIS Department to convert MS-DOS based database programs to MS-Access database programs
  • Explore possibility of having skid mounted 150 gallon volumetric prover mounted to a trailer.  The 150 gallon volumetric prover is used to conduct mandated annual inspection of high flow diesel meters/pumps, petroleum meters/pumps with above ground storage tanks and home heating oil delivery trucks with vehicle tank meters

2016 Achievements

  • Weights & Measures field inspections have been changed over from paper format to electronic format using portable computers & printers that utilize WinWam Inspection Software enabling a more efficient and streamlined inspection process.
  • SouthEastern Weights & Measures Association of New York State named CJ Bryant (one of our staff members) "Man of the Year in Government" for his devoted & loyal service.
  • Home Improvement license regulations were updated to require all contractors who build, repair or service pools to regularly attend safety training courses.  Towing regulations were updated to clarify non-consensual towing requirements.
  • New Administrative initiatives were undertaken including increased staff training (both internal & external), the creation & implementation of Policies & Procedures, cross training of staff & increased internal communications such as quarterly staff meetings, monthly fieldwork coordination discussions & using email to update staff.