Terry D. Grosselfinger, Director

2013 Goals

  • Update computer system to use advances in technology to assist consumers.
  • Update local law regulating plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sheet metal and refrigeration contractors.
  • Update local law regulating wreckers and towers in the County.
  • Update local law regulating dealers of second hand precious metals and gems.
  • Create new regulatory scheme for taxis, limos and vehicles for hire in the County.
  • Liason with local auto dealers to educate consumers on best practices for the purchase and leasing of automobiles.

2012 Achievements

  • Modified internal workflow to improve efficiency of office operations.
  • Issued in excess of 380 violations of local laws and regulations.
  • Filed 80 criminal prosecutions in coordination with the District Attorney's office.
  • Collected $92,000 in fines and penalties.
  • Updated electrical contractors law to afford greater protection for consumers.
  • Enacted a local law to regulate providers of electrical inspections in the County.
  • Worked with Rockland Independent Living Center to educate consumers and vendors on compliance with ADA requirements.
  • Processed in excess of 500 consumer complaints to resolve consumer issues with local businesses.
  • Maintained a high level of services despite fiscal constraints.