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You can search and view land-related legal documents, such as mortgages, deeds, satisfactions, and assignments. Some of our land records date back to 1798!

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The Rockland County Clerk files and records land-related legal documents, such as mortgages, deeds, satisfactions, and assignments. To be recorded, all documents must be originals, in recordable form, legible, signed and notarized.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a copy or certified copy of a recorded document?

You may go to the Information Desk in the search room of the Rockland County Clerk’s Office:

Rockland County Courthouse,
1 South Main Street, Suite 100,
New City, New York 10956-3549,
P: (845)638-5069.

You can also submit a written request to this address, accompanied by an S.A.S.E. with sufficient postage to return your copies.

ALL requests, whether in person or by mail, will incur the following charges:
  • UNCERTIFIED COPIES: $5.00 search fee, plus a copy fee of $.50/page.
  • CERTIFIED COPIES: $5.00 search fee PER COPY REQUEST, plus a copy fee of $1.25/page.
Can I get a copy of a recorded document online?

You may view some documents online at no fee, see our document search area for further information on fees for printing online documents.

How do I find out the price someone paid for a property?

By viewing the deed, you can locate the purchase price in one of two ways. On the document's cover sheet, the deed amount will be listed a the purchase amount, or take the transfer tax and use the following formula:

  • Purchases before 5/82 - Transfer Tax divided by 1.10 times 1000.
  • Purchases after 5/82 - Transfer Tax divided by 4.00 times 1000.
How do I get a subdivision map?

You can request a map by filling out a Map Order Slip at the Reproduction Department, located in the rear of the search room.

  • Orders placed 9:00 a.m. —11:00 a.m. will be ready by 12:00 noon.
  • Orders placed 11:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m. will be ready at 4:00 p.m.
  • Orders placed 3:00 p.m. — 5:00 p.m. will be ready by 12:00 noon the next day.
There is a $5 charge for each map.
What are the requirements for filing subdivision maps?
  • Permanent ink on linen or Mylar.
  • Planning Board signature within 60 days.
  • Actual Licensed Land Surveyor’s seal or stamp (not a copy) and certification:
    “We hereby certify that this subdivision plat was prepared by us and was made from an actual survey completed by us on _________(date)”.
  • Surveyor’s signature and license number (original signature, not a copy) can only be signed by a L.S., L.S.&P.E. NOT just P.E. (P.E.= Professional Engineer, L.S.= Land Surveyor)
  • Conflict clause:
    “This plat does not conflict with the county official map, and has been approved in the manner specified in Section 239n of the General Municipal Law when applicable.”
  • More than four lots must be endorsed by the Health Department.
  • Size: Minimum: 8 ½” X 11”, Maximum: 34” X 44”
  • Letters from the County Commissioner of Finance and Receiver of Taxes of the town or village, stating that the taxes have been paid.
  • Approval letter from the Real Property Tax Services (Dept of Finance)
  • Must have endorsement by Drainage Dept.Filing fee: $10.00, Copy of filed map: $5.00 for each copy
How do I get a survey map of an individual plot?

Maps of individual plots are not filed in this office and are therefore unavailable.

How do I find out if property is located in a flood zone?
Unofficial flood zone maps are located in the search room. See Information Desk personnel for assistance. For additional information contact the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation at 518-402-8185
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