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NYS Police Require Pistol License Holders to Recertify

Pistol Permit Recertification

The New York State Police are conducting Pistol Permit Recertification of all NYS Pistol License Holders.

To recertify please visit https://firearms.troopers.ny.gov/pprecert/welcome.faces

This is a summary of the Recertification Process:

  • The State Police have launched a web site where Pistol Permit Licensees (Filers) can be recertified either online or by downloaded paper form. Per NYS Law, the deadline for recertifying is January 31, 2018 for all licenses issued prior to January 15, 2013. For those issued after January 15, 2013, the recertification deadline will be 5 years from the Original Date of Issue. 

  • The Filer will need to list on the recertification form all firearms (not long guns/rifles) that are in their possession.  

  • The recertification transaction is between the State Police and the Filer, not the County of Rockland.

  • The State Police will contact the Filer to resolve any discrepancies between the recertification application and their existing records.

  • The goal of the State Police is to create a database for use by Law Enforcement, Licensing Officers, and the Mental Health community.  All applications will be cross-checked against the data bases of the DMV, Office of Mental Health, and Federal Criminal Data Files.

  • The State Police will NOT be issuing a card stating a permit holder is recertified.  The Filer will receive a letter stating that their permit has been recertified.  There will be no requirement that the Filer carry proof of recertification.

  • The responsibility of the Filer will be fulfilled when the recertification form is submitted to the State Police.

  • If the form is submitted electronically the Filer will receive a receipt that can be printed out. If submitted by mail it is recommended that the application be sent by certified mail so that there will be proof of mailing.

  • At the end of recertification, the State Police will send to the licensing officer (in our case, Rockland County Court Judges via the Rockland County Clerk's office) a list of people who are in their records and did not recertify.  This aspect of the process is still being hashed out fully as there are different licensing officers in different NY counties.


This is the section of the NYSAFE Act that refers to recertification:

Penal Law 400.10 (B)(b) All licensees shall be recertified to the division of state police every  five  years  thereafter.  Any license issued before the effective date of the chapter of the laws of two  thousand  thirteen  which  added this paragraph shall be recertified by the licensee on or before January thirty-first, two thousand eighteen, and not less than one year prior to such  date,  the state police shall send a notice to all license holders who have not recertified by such time. Such recertification shall be  in a  form  as  approved by the superintendent of state police, which shall request  the  license  holder's  name,  date  of  birth,  gender,  race, residential  address, social security number, firearms possessed by such license holder, email address at the option of the license holder and an affirmation that such license holder is not prohibited  from  possessing firearms.  The form may be in an electronic form if so designated by the superintendent of state police. Failure to recertify shall act as a revocation of such license. If the New York state police discover as a result of the recertification process that a licensee failed to provide a change  of  address,  the New York state police shall not require the licensing officer to revoke such license.


Additional questions about Recertification should be directed to the New York State Police at 1-855-529-4867.