Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Rockland County Office of Community Development will accept requests for applications for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Housing Choice Voucher Program Tenant Based Rental, Mainstream Housing and Family Unification Programs.

Various housing opportunities are available to qualifying seniors:

Subsidized Housing

In order to be eligible for Subsidized Housing, your income must fall below a certain amount. Please call the individual housing complexes to determine eligibility and request a application. 

Affordable Housing

In order to be eligible for Affordable Housing, you must meet minimum income guidelines. Please call the site manager at the housing complex for more information.

Adult Care Facilities

Adult care facilities provide personal care for those who need help with daily tasks due to physical infirmities caused by age or cognitive disabilities.  Medical care is not provided; however, supervised medication management is available if needed.  Currently, the Adult Care Facilities listed here have met licensing requirements of the New York State Department of Heath. (All rates quoted are subject to change by the individual facility).

Assisted Living Program (ALP)

ALP serves persons who are medically eligible for nursing home placement but serves them in a less medically intensive, lower cost setting.  ALP provides personal care, room, board, housekeeping, supervision and case management services.  ALP residents must not require continual nursing care, be chronically bedfast or chairfast, or be impaired to the degree that they endanger the safety of other ALP residents.  Currently, the Assisted Living Programs listed here have met licensing requirements for the New York State Department of Health.

Assisted Living Residence (ALR)

Assisted Living Residence (ALR) is a certified adult care facility that has additionally been approved by the New York State Department of Health for licensure as an ALR.  They must provide twenty-four hour on-site monitoring along with personal care services.  ALRs must also provide daily meals and snacks, case management services, and is required to develop an individualized service plan.

Residential Health Care Facilities

Residential Health Care Facilities provide nursing and medical care.  They are often referred to as a "nursing home".  Care of the resident is carried out under the orders of an attending physician with a registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day.  All of these facilities operate under the strict regulations of the federal government and the New York State Department of Health.  An evaluation called a Patient Review Instrument (PRI) is required in order to apply for admission to a Residential Health Care Facility.  (All rates quoted are subject to change by the individual facility).

Senior Residences

Senior Residences offer some supportive services for those in good health, still active and able to live independently.  Most offer housekeeping, dining rooms for congregate meals and planned activities.  (All rates quoted are subject to change by the individual facility).

Housing Guides

The following guides may be found by visiting the New York State Attorney General website